Delphi Automotive

Delphi L-Shape Crimp for 0.13 mm2 wire size

As vehicle weights have become one of the central "battle grounds" in the war to improve fuel economy and vehicle emissions, the wiring harness has been identified as one of the heaviest parts in the vehicle. The increased use of electronics (and resulting wiring) has only contributed to this problem. Delphi Automotive has come up with an innovative new product/process, the L--Shape Crimp, that has, for the first time, enabled OEMs to use a smaller, lighter wire than was ever possible in the past, resulting in significant material and weight savings. Delphi's L-Shape Crimp for 0.13mm2 wires has achieved both the best electrical performance as well as the best mechanical performance in the market and has enabled OEM's to overcome many of the problems that have made small wires of this size unreliable in the past.