OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

OSTAR Headlamp - LED Headlamp Light Source

Osram's OSTAR LEDs combine technological advancements in ThinGaN chip technology, chip-level phosphor conversion, integrated shutter functionality, and extended output scalability to provide headlamp makers and OEMs new capabilities in headlamp design. Launched on the 2011 Audi 8, the Osram LEDs provide unique branding and product differentiation in both unlit and lit stages. Osram's ability to package the superior output of ThinGaN technology with an integrated shutter improves driver visibility, reduces glare, and changes the game in forward lighting as the precisely controlled multi-element LED arrays enable solid-state adaptive lighting. The efficiency of Osram's LEDs help automakers reduce forward lighting power consumption by 60%, eliminate mercury, and reduce consumer maintenance costs with the anticipated "life of vehicle' performance compared with traditional light sources.