Electrical Waste Gate Actuator

The Mahle Electrical Waste Gate Actuator offers complete control of the waste gate position INDEPENDENT of the engine's boost pressure. This in turn enables higher accuracy of the waste gate position control, a significant reduction of the waste gate leakage rate, a reduction of boost pressure at base levels, and an improvement in over all fuel consumption as a result of a reduction of engine pumping losses. When compared to existing Pneumatic Waste Gate Actuators for exhaust gas turbo chargers which are boost pressure controlled, Mahle's new innovative EGW offers exceptionally fast actuation speed and high precision control, allowing for greater optimization of the exhaust gas and charge cycle that has been achievable to date.

With better engine performance (max torque, max power), improved engine transient behavior and not significant system cost increases to the OEM, Mahle's new Electrical Waste Gate Actuator is an important "Game Changer" that will be boosting turbo charged engines for years to come.