Key Safety Systems Inc.

INFLATABELT - Inflatable Seat Belt System

Key Safety Systems combines the lifesaving features of airbags and seatbelts into a single integrated system for rear seat passengers with their Inflatabelt system launched on the 2011 Ford Explorer.

The inflatabelt is the first air bag housed in the torso section of the rear seat belt. During a violent automobile crash event, a standard seatbelt may impart a fairly large force on an occupant over its 2-inch width. The inflatabelt technology enhances the safety of the rear seat passengers through reduced loads on the occupant during a dynamic crash situation therefore reducing the injury levels. The gas filled tubular cushion applies restraint forces to a larger area of the occupant's body to more gently restrain the occupant. Occupant protection is improved, especially for small children. This is in essence a melding of airbag and seatbelt technology.