Robert Bosch Corporation GmbH

P2 Parallel Full Hybrid System

Robert Bosch has developed the world's first Full Parallel (P2) Hybrid Electric Vehicle System. Launched on the 2011 Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayenne S, Bosch's innovative P2 system provides the environmental benefits of a hybrid powertrain while preserving the "Fun to Drive" characteristics, full towing capacity, and for SUVs, the high ground clearance/off-road performance capabilities of modern ICE powertrains. Bosch's innovation also includes the brains behind the system in their Motronic Hybrid Control Unit that incorporates advanced clutch control algorithms to enable seamless transitions between the ICE and electric motor drives. The Bosch P2 system is a Win-Win as its parallel hybrid architecture preserves the performance and driving experience, while allowing OEMs to leverage their investments and engineering expertise in modern IC powertrains. The Bosch hybrid system and its smart clutch reduce the packaging modifications required by typical hybrids by combining the eDrive and engine start into a single eMotor.