WABCO OptiDrive

The significant fuel economy, safety, and ease of use advantages of Automatic Manual Transmissions ("AMT") are displacing traditional manual 5-18 speed transmissions in ever increasing numbers of commercial vehicles outside of the US. Introduced on the China National Heavy Truck Corp. (CNHTC) flagship model, Wabco's (Westinghouse Air Brake Company) configure to order OptiDriveā„¢ system improves vehicle control and safety while enhancing the driver's effectiveness. It also significantly contributes to decreased fuel consumption and reduced maintenance cost for the vehicle's powertrain while increasing vehicle efficiency and environmental protection.

OptiDrive's modularity and reliance on advanced electronics enables a rapid low-cost development cycle that allows Wabco to go into markets and product segments that previously could not support AMT up-front investment costs. Since its introduction in late 2008, OptiDrive has been adopted and is in development with multiple commercial vehicle makers in Europe, China, and India.