Meridian Lightweight Technologies Inc.

Single Piece Cast Magnesium Liftgate Inner Panel

"Light-weighting" is an increasingly important requirement in the automotive world as governments continue to raise the bar on fuel efficiency. As a Tier 1 preferred supplier, Meridian initially worked on a development project for the Ford U152. While the magnesium casting developed did not make it onto the vehicle several years ago, Meridian proved that it was possible to use magnesium as a substitute for steel as a liftgate inner structure. Now in production on the Lincoln MKT, the magnesium tailgate inner is the largest die cast magnesium closure panel globally. It not only saves substantial weight but it also functions as the primary structural load carrying component of the liftgate assembly meeting stringent crash performance requirements, integrates six separate parts into one inner panel casting, allows for increased passenger headroom, is 100% recyclable and meets the acceptance criteria for Class A die cast surfaces.