Johnson Controls GmbH and NORDENIA DEUTSCHLAND Gronau, GmbH

PP Thin Film

Engineered plastic panels abound in modern vehicles including door panels, kick panels, consoles, side panels, and seat backs; the more plastic panels are used in a vehicle, the greater their impact on perceived quality, durability and cost. Based on a technology developed for pet food packaging, Johnson Controls (JCI) in a close collaboration with NORDENIA DEUTSCHLAND developed a molded polypropylene ("PP") Thin Film process, that provides automakers like BMW, Volvo, and Opel the superior durability, perceived quality, and reduced environmental impact, of higher cost filmed coatings at a price equal to or lower than painted plastics.

The close collaboration between JCI and Nordenia resulted in a new automated manufacturing process that integrates thin film technology, deep drawing, back injection molding, laser cutting and the edge wrapping processes to manage parameters such as gloss, and grain texture uniformity, to increase the customer's perception of the part.