Federal-Mogul Corporation

DuraBowl Piston Reinforcement Process

Engine makers all use lightweight low cost aluminum pistons in modern Diesel engines. Demands for higher performance, lower emissions, and better fuel economy in the next generation of Diesels are all driving higher operating temperatures, and higher cylinder pressures that go beyond the limits of the traditional aluminum piston. Transitioning to steel pistons is prohibitively expensive, so engine makers are aggressively seeking solutions and exploring workarounds to extend the capabilities of aluminum pistons.

Originally launched on the Mercedes 2.2L Diesel, Federal-Mogul's provides an answer with their low-cost fully automated TIG welding based DuraBowl(R) process that remelts the highly stressed combustion bowl area to create a aluminum piston with over six times the durability of conventional aluminum pistons. A second dimension the DuraBowl innovation is the proprietary in-line Eddy control testing process that validates the microstructure and integrity of the DuraBowl process in every piston prior to delivery to the OEM. DuraBowl pistons will be found in Diesel engines from six different engine makers in two to twelve liter configurations.