Durr Systems, Inc.


Durr's EcoDryScrubber is a paint overspray retrieval system requiring no water. Its purpose is to provide a new technology for paint overspray capture that reduces operating costs per unit manufactured. One of the key benefits of the EcoDryScruber is that because of its extremely efficient filtration capability, up to 95% of paint booth process air is re-circulated. By re-circulating air, energy consumption in the paint spray booth is reduced by 60% and in the entire paint shop by 30%. Emissions of carbon dioxide can be reduced up to 5,200 tons per year.

The paint spray absorptive agent is inexpensive, readily available, powdered limestone; which is recycled after use as a commodity in other industries such as cement making. EcoDryScrubber does not limit advances in paint coating technology, since it provides unlimited flexibility for use with any process and material.

EcoDryScrubber has won immediate and wide acceptance, notably in Volkswagen's Chattanooga, Tennessee, plant starting in 2010.