DURA Automotive Systems Inc.

Horizontal Sliding Rear Window with Defrost

As pickup trucks have evolved from basic work vehicles to family oriented luxury transportation, with larger cabs and more comfort features, light truck manufacturers have sought to differentiate themselves by offering customers unique comfort and safety features. With a target buyer demographic as much urban as rural, a defrost feature on the rear sliding window has become a necessity. Dura is the first to offer a solution in the form of the Heated Power Sliding Rear Window.

Dura's horizontal sliding rear window with defrost incorporates the defrost capability without compromising design or degrading styling esthetics. It provides the customer with the highest level of satisfaction, convenience and safety; clearing the rear window in minutes in the most severe winter conditions. As the rear window with defrost has become the standard for passenger cars and SUVs, Dura's defrost feature will become the standard for pickups.