Delphi Corporation Powertrain Systems Division

Delphi Direct Acting Piezo Injector

Delphi's Powertrain Systems team has created a technology superior to common rail technology because it allows better control of injection with very short injector duration and very short separation between each injection. This direct injection piezo innovation represents a significant step in diesel direct injection possibilities offering unique capabilities that reduce particulates or NOX by 30%, a game changer that is required for the new generation of low NOX diesel engine processes. This key innovation increases power by 8% and decreases fuel consumption by 4% even as it avoids or minimizes the use of complex and expensive deNOX aftertreatment systems. With the assistance of this new injector, Mercedes was able to achieve both higher power and 20% reduced fuel consumption by replacing a 6-cylinder with a 4 cylinder engine on its 2009 C- and E-class vehicles.