To Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. for its partnership with Robert Bosch LLC

Vehicle Stability System for a 3-Wheeled Vehicle

Bosch Engineering Group collaborated closely with Bombardier Recreational Products to develop the Vehicle Stability System for the Spyder, BRP's first road vehicle. Bosch had to learn to work with a small, fast-paced development organization that had no prior experience with stability and traction control systems, while developing software to utilize existing sensors while dealing with the dynamics of a light-weight 3-wheel design. BRP in turn had to learn about the interrelatedness of systems and to convey the "sporty" experience users expected of its products. Bosch and BRP collaborated closely throughout the project, to develop a 6 sensor system that was tuned to provide the ability to handle aggressive riding yet provide the margin of safety that would make the Spyder appeal to its target purchasers.