Magna Mirrors


Blind spot detection - being able to see vehicles in your blind spots on either side of your vehicle, to the rear -- is the number one feature desired by consumers as identified from the 2008 J.D. Power and Associates survey on emerging U.S. automotive technologies. Nearly 10% of all accidents involve lane changing and merging, accounting for 225 deaths, 6,000 incapacitating injuries, and $9 billion in damages.

Magna Mirrors has developed an elegant and inexpensive solution - the BlindZoneMirror. The BlindZoneMirror is an outside, side-view mirror, but with an inconspicuously integrated prescriptive mirror that is uniquely engineered for each vehicle program, to suit the particular vehicle. Through a novel design, the prescriptive mirror is integrated in the side-view mirror to provide an overall mirror with a single flat surface, enhancing durability and reliability, while creating a simple wipe-clean surface.

The small prescriptive mirror "sees" and eliminates blind spots without inducing distortion in the primary mirror area, thereby providing a full and undistorted view of each side of the vehicle. Equipped with this feature, the driver doesn't need to turn to look over his or her shoulder in an attempt to scan blind zones. Due to its low-cost, the Magna blind spot mirror has the potential to penetrate vehicle programs as standard equipment in any vehicle class, providing a desired and differentiating feature.

The BlindZoneMirror has attracted considerable favorable notice from consumers and automotive manufacturers, and was introduced in the 2009 models of the Ford Edge and Chevy Traverse.