General Motors for its Partnership with Futuris Automotive Interiors

Tufted PET Carpet Technology

General Motors has worked with Futuris Automotive Interiors on their tufted PET carpet technology since 2007. GM wanted to develop the technology for using EnviroTUF(TM) carpet globally, and commissioned Futuris to test and validate their PET technology as a competitive option to current production vehicle carpet systems employing nylon.

Foremost were environmental benefits of tufted PET carpet technology, by including post consumer recycled materials in the carpet composite. The end result was a carpet system containing 20-40% post consumer yarn content (from water bottles) otherwise destined for landfills. GM and Futuris engineers then worked closely to develop the technology's inherent stain resistance, as well as reduction of cost and mass, and to validate the technology for use on future GM vehicles.

The collaboration consisted of detailed design and engineering feasibility studies, building a prototype carpet tool, production manufacturing using this tooling, evaluation in production vehicle environments, and physical lab and in-vehicle testing required to meet GM performance specifications. The process included joint development with Futuris of test procedures for durability not found in conventional nylon carpet test standards.

General Motors receives a 2009 PACE Partnership Award for its collaboration with Futuris Automotive Interiors on the development of an innovation that is not only environmentally helpful, but an improvement in performance over previous products.