Ford for its Partnership with BorgWarner Morse TEC Inc.

Cam Torque ActuatedTM (CTATM) Cam Phaser

Engine designers use camshaft phasing for variable valve timing, to boost fuel economy, decrease emissions, and improve idle quality, torque and horsepower of gasoline engines. BorgWarner's Cam Torque ActuatedTM (CTATM) innovation captures the existing torsional energy in the valve train to phase the cam shaft, operating more quickly and under a wider range of engine speeds and temperatures than traditional methods.

Recognizing the benefits of this innovation, Ford engineers collaborated with BorgWarner on engine hardware and software, sharing calibration and validation data, and modifying designs to accommodate each other's parameters, adapting the innovation to Ford's engine and available space in the vehicle. Shared data, open communication, and transparency allowed a rapid joint development process.

The technology operates at higher speeds and actuates faster than traditional oil pump camshaft phasers, so new control strategies and logic were developed by Ford to control it. The reward was better horsepower, fuel economy, performance, and customer experience.

Ford launched the technology in its 2009 3.0L Duratec V6 engine in the 2009 Escape. The enhanced Ford engine with BorgWarner CTA technology will be offered on the Mercury Mariner and Mazda Tribute, as well as the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan later this year.