Eaton Corporation

Twin Vortices Series Superchargers (TVS)

Higher fuel costs and demands for greater efficiency have led to engine downsizing. At the same time, maintaining power output and acceptable customer performance in these applications has often been achieved by using a boosting device. Eaton developed the TVS supercharger to meet these demands and to insure that they will remain a dominant player in the engine boosting business for performance and efficiency, especially vis a vis more common turbocharger solutions.

Eaton Corporation's Twin Vortices Series Superchargers (TVS) use new rotor geometry in conjuction with new inlet and outlet port designs to achieve dramatic improvements in performance and reduced noise. With efficiency gains of 30% over previous Roots blowers, TVS is comparable to turbochargers in efficiency and peak power, while retaining the vastly superior response characteristics of superchargers. Using a patented four lobe design with much higher twist, TVS is the most efficient Roots type supercharger ever developed by a wide margin.

As a result of innovative design changes, engine manufacturers can use a smaller supercharger to create the desired amount of boost. This provides under-hood packaging advantages as well as weight savings. The efficiency improvement is such that for the first time superchargers are a viable option in the Diesel engine market as well.

Market acceptance has been exceptional, with Chevrolet Corvette, Cadillac CTS, Audi A6 and S4, Volkswagen, as well as other OEMs, adopting the TVS. The prospect of moving into the Diesel engine market as well as applications in other regions of the world further enhances Eaton's standing as a technological leader in the auto industry in engine boosting for efficiency and enhanced performance from smaller engines.