Dassault Systemes-DELMIA Corp.

DELMIA Automation

Dassault Systemes' - DELMIA Automation effectively addresses the challenges of designing and installing complex new production and final assembly lines, and training team members to use them. The inherent complexity of new production lines requires a time- and resource-intensive trial or commissioning process to de-bug systems and work out problems in control logic and worker usability. By creating virtual models of mechanical elements, DELMIA Automation is able to exercise real PLC logic and dramatically reduce the time required for launching trouble-free new lines.

Using DELMIA Automation, OEM control engineers are able to quickly optimize processes, meaning validate control logic, system performance, human machine interfaces, and even conduct operator training in virtual environments before any physical equipment is installed.

In one OEM customer application, DELMIA Automation has successfully and completely eliminated off-site commissioning, shaved eight weeks off a typical start-up calendar, and eliminated over 1,500 expensive contractor hours for every line modeled in the software. By re-using component libraries, virtual environments, and validated process modules to design subsequent production lines, DELMIA Automation by Dassault Systemes-DELMIA is changing the rules of the game for designing complex final assembly and production systems.

Initial adoption and use of DELMIA Automation was by General Motors.