Nissan with Xanavi Informatics Corporation and Sony Corporation

Around View Monitor

The Around View Monitor that debuted in America in the 2008 Infiniti EX was created by the cooperative combination of technologies from Nissan, Xanavi, and Sony. The initial work on the system dates back to 2005, with the development of an ultra wide-angle, high resolution 1.3 megapixel camera by Sony, and “bird’s eye view” image map processing technology originated by Xanavi.

Nissan was studying the concept of an around-view monitor at their Technology Research Laboratory, however, picture quality was a serious issue. In 2005, Nissan brought Sony and Xanavi together, resulting in the two companies beginning a dialog about commercializing the around view monitor concept. Both companies quickly recognized each other as complementary technology partners, prompting the decision to work together. Sony and Xanavi made a joint proposal to Nissan to initiate the project.

The combination of Sony’s camera technology and Xanavi’s video control and processing technology resolved Nissan’s picture quality problems, leading Nissan to decide to move forward with product development. All three companies had weekly meetings starting in the spring of 2005 to address numerous technical issues as they arose. One of the big hurdles was to calibrate image distortion correction as part of the vehicle assembly process. The means of addressing this successfully was co-developed by Nissan, Sony, and Xanavi. Nissan provided critical process and production equipment to get to a successful solution.

Three years of collaboration between Sony, Xanavi, and Nissan has culminated in the Around View Monitor in today’s Infiniti EX, and two mini-vans. The collaboration resulted in an innovation that brings enhanced safety and convenience to the way drivers interact with their immediate surroundings.