Dow Automotive

IMPAXX energy-absorbing foam

Today’s safety standards promulgated by the Federal Government and the European Economic Commission give automotive manufacturers and suppliers daunting challenges to meet seemingly contradictory requirements. Safety encompasses regulations associated with interiors, for example, for head impact, head rests and side impact, which – without innovation – would almost certainly result in added weight and loss of interior space.

Dow Automotive’s new energy-absorbing foam solution, IMPAXX, represents a winning innovation, offering manufacturers and suppliers the simultaneous benefits of low-cost, reduced weight, reduced packaging space, rapid prototyping, and identical performance between prototype and production parts, while also meeting or exceeding the energy absorption performance of competitive products and regulations. IMPAXX can reduce weight by up to 50% compared with alternative solutions, and reduce packaging space by up to 30%, giving greater flexibility in design of interiors and offering the consumer more interior space while safety standards are being met.

IMPAXX is 100% recyclable and is already produced globally on equipment with low-capital investment. Most parts are made without tooling, which means low capital costs and rapid turn-around of prototypes. Production parts are manufactured by the same process as the prototype, assuring the customer identical performance.

Multiple automotive manufacturers and suppliers have IMPAXX in production, and it will be used in every one of NASCAR’s Car of Tomorrow vehicles.