Cummins, Inc.

Cummins 6.7-liter Turbo Diesel

Diesel engines have been considered dirty and noisy in the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency mandated a more than 90 percent reduction in NOx and particulate matter vs. 2002 standards for Diesel engines. When first suggested about ten years ago, such levels were generally believed unattainable. The Cummins 6.7 Liter Turbo Diesel Engine met this standard in a production engine in 2007.

For this achievement, the Cummins 6.7-Liter Turbo Diesel Engine was named “Best Diesel” by Four Wheeler Magazine, September 2007; and Cummins was named the “Newsmaker of the Year” by Diesel Progress magazine.

The new Cummins Diesel is an in-line six cylinder engine with the greatest low speed torque and the cleanest and quietest performance in the heavy-duty truck segment in North America, and it incorporates a number of innovations. It is the first application of Cummins’ NOx Adsorber technology. The result is the cleanest heavy-duty engine available in North America functioning without urea additive. It is also provides the first-ever designed-in, factory-integrated exhaust brake.

The Cummins Turbo Diesel has fully-integrated engine controls and after-treatment system with OBD (On-board Diagnostics) controls, and 15 monitors vs. the three required for OBD.

In the 6.7 Turbo Diesel Engine, Cummins was able to employ an intensive model-based approach to design integration that other auto suppliers will have to emulate. This has resulted in an innovative combination that is more than the sum of its parts.

The Cummins 6.7 L Turbo Diesel was introduced during 2007 in Dodge Ram 2500 and 3600 heavy-duty pick-up trucks.