RTT DeltaGen

The race from concept to customer is a longstanding challenge to all automakers, and speed to market is the key benchmark. By providing a low-cost information technology solution for both accelerating the product development process and translating engineering product data into glossy in-dealership and consumer marketing media, RTT (Munich) has engineered a virtual power tool that is winning in the marketplace.

RTT's DeltaGen is a visualization toolset that allows OEMs to develop photo-realistic virtual reality models of vehicles and components straight from existing CAD data. By using RTT DeltaGen, OEMs like Porsche, Audi, Opel, Mercedes-Benz, VW and Lamborghini are able both to drastically cut their use of clay models in vehicle design development, and leverage CAD data into advertising, marketing and point-of-sale materials. By basing DeltaGen on the Windows/Intel architecture, RTT is plugging into a low-cost computing platform that continually redefines its price/performance benchmarks.

For the automakers, the benefits come in a dramatically increased ability to reuse engineering data across the new vehicle value chain, reducing the time, expense and reliance upon physical models in the development process and actual vehicles or photography in developing sales and marketing material.

While virtual showrooms have been seen on automaker websites, DeltaGen enables big increases in photo-realism, content density, and time to market advantages. DeltaGen's ability to enable detailed sales and marketing materials based on engineering data effectively changes the game for product launch strategies, sales training, and point-of-sales product information.