Federal-Mogul Corporation

High Temperature Alloy (HTA) Exhaust Gaskets

Today's powerful commercial diesel engines, with the performance and reliability demands of modern emissions-legal engines, require a trouble free seal of exhaust gases. The introduction of new, more stringent, emissions requirements has forced adoption of new measures, including exhaust gas recirculation, higher combustion temperatures and pressures, and smaller yet more powerful engines, operating within more compact compartments. Overall, this has led to a rise in exhaust gas temperatures. This has also resulted in engines with advanced on-board diagnostics and continuous monitoring of combustion efficiency. The advent of this "closed system" has raised the exhaust gasket to an entirely new level of importance. Leaking gaskets are simply unacceptable.

In anticipation of these conditions, Federal-Mogul developed high temperature alloy (HTA) exhaust gaskets engineered to withstand extremely high temperatures. The innovation combines proprietary alloys with an ultra-high temperature coating that stand up to severe sealing conditions. HTA is the only existing solution capable of sealing exhaust systems beyond 550o C. Previous conventional gaskets used stainless steel, graphite, mica, and molybdenum coatings, which cannot perform in these conditions. They either do not seal at low temperatures or fail prematurely. A major benefit derived from the use of HTA gaskets is the reduction of equipment downtime due to failure in the field.

The importance of this innovation lies not only in the gasket, but in what it allows engine designers to do in terms of higher efficiency, better emissions control, improved fuel economy, and greater reliability. It has gone beyond the root causes of gasket failure. As one customer put it, "the gaskets will be there after the engine dies." Federal-Mogul is being rewarded in the marketplace for their farsightedness and ingenuity by a growing list of customers who recognize the superior properties of HTA gaskets.