Alcoa Wheel Products

Dura-Bright Wheels with XBR Technology

Exceptional braking performance is in demand in the heavy trucking industry. Even with advanced systems, this often means excessive brake dust, which can permanently stain and corrode wheels. For the trucking industry, wheel-cleaning is significant in time, effort, and cost. In the automotive market generally, wheels are a critical appearance item. Shine and luster are important to marketing, especially for high performance passenger cars and sedans, as well as for heavy trucks.

Alcoa's Dura-Bright forged aluminum wheels represent a winning innovation that not only eliminates the impact of penetrating brake dust but can be cleaned very simply and without harsh chemicals, simply by rinsing with water. Dura-Bright's finish is actually an integral part of the surface structure of the wheel. This breakthrough chemical compatibility involves a proprietary method of pre-treatment of the aluminum substrate, then an application actually bonds with the aluminum, becoming integrated with the surface.

Not only has Dura-Bright been designed to meet customer expectations of reflectivity, durability, and "cleanability," but also with manufacturing in mind. Unlike conventional wheel coatings which use highly toxic chromium compound,, the innovative Dura-Bright process involves no harsh chemicals in either manufacturing or subsequent maintenance. Dura-Bright wheels are safer to manufacture and safer to maintain.

Alcoa's Dura-Bright wheels have been sold to all major global commercial truck and trailer OEMs, and several automotive OEMs will introduce Dura-Bright products shortly.