Valeo Switches and Detection Systems

Lane Departure Warning System

The automotive industry needs systems that address safety measures not just actively, but proactively. According to current NHTSA data, “lane/road departures” accounted for 43% of driver related fatalities in 2003, compared with “excessive speed” at 26%. The urgency and relevance of a system to help prevent unintended lane and roadway departures is therefore high.

The Valeo/Iteris Lane Departure Warning System monitors vehicle position within lane markings and sends an alert to the driver if it senses an imminent, unintended lane or road departure. The system works day or night in any weather, wherever demarcations are visible.

The LDWS consists of a camera, image processor, and software, integrated as a compact unit that mounts to the windshield, instrument panel, or overhead console. The system can recognize the difference between road surface and lane markings, whether solid or dashed, white or yellow. The system can even detect the raised “Botts dots” used in California and other parts of the country. The system references lane markings to calculate vehicle position and incorporates vehicle velocity information to detect any drift towards a dangerous, unintended lane change. If detected, a warning sound alerts the driver in time to make a correction.

This LDWS can be tuned to a carmaker’s requirements, including types of alerts, trigger-points, threshold activation speeds, and notification features, and can also be deactivated in construction zones or on very narrow roads to avoid “nuisance” alerts.

This innovation is a model of a supplier headquartered in Paris partnered with an American technology company in California to launch a vehicle application for a customer in Japan for cars sold in America. It is currently available on Infiniti FX45, FX35, M45, and M35 vehicles.