DURA Automotive Systems, Inc., Body & Glass Division

Racklift™ Window Lift System

DURA Automotive Systems, in conjunction with Dr. Paul J. Fenelon, have introduced Racklift™ -- a lightweight dual rack and pinion window lift system. It is a total departure from traditional power lift systems that have been available for over 30 years. After several failed attempts by a car dealership to fix the power windows in his car, Dr. Fenelon decided to evaluate the system himself. His solution to his problem was to invent a concept that would be developed by DURA into a totally new kind of viable window lift mechanism.

Most vehicles in production today employ either an arm and sector or drum and cable configuration for window regulators. These systems are inefficient, heavy, difficult to install, have high failure rates, and require periodic lubrication. They also require larger motors and greater power consumption to overcome inherent friction and inefficiencies.

Racklift is comprised of a dual thermoplastic rack and pinion arrangement that incorporates a small, lightweight drive motor, drive gear, and slave gear. The motor and gear assembly are attached to the window. The motor, attached to the glass, drives it, via the pinion gears, up and down the rack, which is molded to reflect the curvature of the glass. The rack is designed for lateral stiffness and a simple two point attachment to the door structure or frame. The system is engineered to be applicable for OEM factory installation or it can be an integral part of a complete door module.

Racklift has the advantage and benefits of cost reduction, lighter weight, greater reliability, lower warranty costs, ease of installation, and finally, does not require lubrication. The result is a vastly superior window lift system, now being introduced on DaimlerChrysler's PT Cruiser. DURA anticipates rapid market adoption and penetration.