Visteon Corporation

Long Life Filtration Systems

The Visteon Long Life Filtration System is a breakthrough in automotive filtration technology. Visteon Corporation has created the industry’s first and only zero maintenance air filter. Thus Visteon has effectively eliminated the need for an owner or service facility to change an engine’s air filter, for the expected life of the vehicle.

First appearing on the 2003 Ford Focus PZEV, this innovative filter is sealed for life. Utilizing a new and proprietary multi-layer foam and activated carbon design, this filter actually improves particulate capture over conventional paper based air filters, without ever needing servicing. From the consumer’s point of view, this innovation directly reduces lifetime ownership costs and maintenance associated with periodic filter replacement.

From the OEM’s point of view, however, since the air filter never needs servicing, that is, to be inspected, cleaned, or replaced, Visteon has eliminated the design constraints associated with locating traditional filters where they are readily serviceable. In turn, this enables the automotive manufacturer’s designers and engineers to locate the filter wherever in the vehicle there is vacant real estate (under an adjacent wheel well, for example), saving very valuable space within the seemingly ever-shrinking engine compartment where space is at a premium. Further, the shape and dimensions of the Visteon filtration system are relatively flexible, and it’s fully recyclable.

In addition, superior filtration capabilities are expected to reduce engine wear caused by dirt and dust, and thus lower lifetime warranty costs. Cleaner engines in terms of pollution are also expected.

Today, Visteon’s competitors are only working on extended mileage filters or cleanable filter media that utilize messy and time-consuming techniques to clean them. Visteon’s Long Life Filtration System has changed the rules of the game and added to the company’s leadership in this important area of automotive air induction. For Visteon, this has strategic importance to attracting new OEM customers who may not have considered Visteon in the past.