Delphi Corporation

Saginaw Steering Systems (Delphi Steering) –Horizontal Modeling and Digital Process Design for CAD/CAM

Despite many advances in three dimensional CAD/CAM software packages, designers have struggled with model complexity and difficulty changing product design features without unwanted effects everywhere else. Most design features cannot be edited in isolation. The resulting complex iterative process is tedious and a source of errors. These problems also hamper creativity by limiting the number of design iterations one can make.

Delphi’s “Horizontal Modeling” is an entirely new, patented methodology for using existing 3D CAD software which enables design features to be treated independently. This allows changing, deleting or replicating features without adversely affecting the rest of an existing model. The designer is able to construct a model without the complexities of linked dependencies, and this is revolutionary.

Horizontal Modeling increases designer productivity by 75%, and changes in a part’s design can automatically trigger new process sheets. Using Digital Process Design yields labor savings around 50% for file creation and over 90% for editing process drawings. Other processes, such as tooling and fixture design, assembly simulation, and process analysis are also improved.

The methodology is being adopted throughout all divisions of Delphi, with estimated savings of $4 million in 2005 and much more in future. Delphi has over fifteen patents pending for Horizontal modeling and Digital Process Design. With the assistance of third party training companies, Delphi is offering a training and certification program to designers from other companies and industries.

Through the rapid change capability of Horizontal Modeling and Digital Process Design, designers can focus more on innovation and creativity than mechanics of software. And, developing product design and manufacturing processes simultaneously has becomes a practical reality.