Engineous Software Inc.

iSight software

Engineous has developed innovative software for process integration and design optimization, called iSight. This software is emerging as the leader of a new class of IT-based solutions aimed at helping manufacturing enterprises derive greater benefit and value from digital prototyping and simulation technologies and processes.

iSight provides automation of routine and repetitive simulation analyses. As heralded in Business Week, “Engineous has a framework for finding optimum solutions through software that ploughs through possibilities. It uses generic algorithms and neural networks to take various elements of good solutions, and then reshuffles them in myriad ways to ‘breed’ thousands of alternative solutions – until it finds the best answer“.

Due to its open architecture, iSight gives the company a unique position in its industry. iSight is an open software platform that integrates and automates not only their own software tools, but applications and data bases from existing analytical tools already used by OEMs throughout the world. The adoption rate of this software by OEMs has been extremely fast: since late 1999, the number of automotive clients has increased from 2 to over 26.

Numerous examples cited by Engineous’s customers of the benefits and impact on the automotive industry include optimized design solutions, often utilizing radical concepts; reduced product cost through virtual vehicle development; more effective use of engineering resources through standardized, templated work and automation; improved profits through superior product quality, reliability and manufacturability; and enhanced global coordination

Engineous software is changing the paradigm of product development from a labor-intensive, risk-averse, manual computer-aided engineering process, to an automated, time-saving exploratory process. Engineers can dramatically reduce the tedious functions and allow more time for creative analysis and testing risks of new design options. The competitive dynamics in product development are being altered significantly.