Robert Bosch Corporation

High Pressure Common Rail

Historically, diesel engines for automobiles have suffered from several disadvantages, including combustion noise, roughness, and emissions. Indeed, diesel engines have not been widely accepted by automotive consumers in the United States. Now, an innovation by Robert Bosch GmbH has fundamentally changed the characteristics of diesel engines.

Robert Bosch GmbH has developed an innovative high pressure common rail fuel injection system for diesel truck and automobile engines. The high pressure common rail system is by design decoupled from engine speed and is electronically controlled. This permits optimization of both injection pressure and timing, including the ability to have more than one tightly controlled injection event, such as a pilot injection occurring before the main charge. As a result, both combustion noise and emissions can be reduced, significantly improving the performance and consumer acceptability of the diesel engine.

This Bosch system has been designed so that it can be adopted in existing diesel engines, thus increasing its already significant acceptance in the European market and its recent introduction in the American market. It can readily be programmed to meet the individual requirements of each engine design or performance parameters or objecives.

This innovation provides a platform for further advances in direct diesel injection, and shows promise as an enabler of diesel uptake in America.