Quality Measurement Control Inc.

CM4D Analyze™

This innovative software system enables the vehicle manufacturer or supplier to achieve significantly better dimensional control from initial stages of product development through prototype, launch, and assembly gates and processes. As a result, this new data management and analysis capability will also enable new product development cycles consistently below the 18 month “barrier.”

CM4D graphically displays, anyalyzes, and manages any type of measurement data. Information can be received from sheet metal assemblies, interior trim, glass, moldings, exterior components, and power train components, not only to validate product and process changes effectively early in the prototype phase of a product development cycle, but also to provide on-going statistical process control and basis for root cause analysis in the actual production environment

Currently, many different types of measurement hardware are used to collect and analyze data, with much of the analysis still done off-line and manually. CM4D allows engineers working on a common global platform to see and analyze immediately dimensional information from any supplier associated with the program, and to communicate data and analsyis among one another via the web, encouraging dimensional integrity and reduction of early costs and time.

This innovative Windows-based system is open database connectivity compliant and can utilize several databases as central repositories, including DB2, SQL, Sybase, Oracle, and Access. Since its recent introduction, CM4D is being utilized by DaimlerChrysler, Honda, and Freightliner, as well as Tier 1 suppliers, including Budd, Alcoa, Ogihara, Tower, and others.