PPG Industries

Audioguard™ Acoustic Coating

Automotive consumers interpret interior quietness as an indicator of vehicle quality and performance. Structure-borne vibrations and the resulting noise generated from excitation of body panels must be controlled.

Conventional acoustic treatments such as asphaltic pads are very labor intensive. Typically, there may be from 5 to 17 such parts per vehicle. They are difficult to install on vertical surfaces, contribute to dirt in the paint finish, and require expensive, inefficient manual application.

To solve these problems, PPG Industries has introduced the Audioguard™ Acoustical Coating, the first sprayable 100% solids acoustical coating for automobile production. The coating is applied in a robotic spray over a performance-optimized pattern, and is cured in a standard paint line sequence. Cycle time is 45 seconds to apply almost one gallon of material in a precise pattern and thickness. The outcome is an acoustic system that reduces vehicle interior sound levels while providing significant weight and cost savings.

DaimlerChrysler took the lead in being first customer to put the innovation into practice at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in June 1999. Five plants in the automotive industry are now using Audioguard Acoustic Coating.

Listening to the voice of the consumer regarding quietness and understanding the needs of the OEM customers for cost and complexity reductions, along with improved cleanliness and quality, PPG was able to apply its competency in spray application of 100% solids with zero VOCs to developing Audioguard, and thereby bring about a substantial change in the way car manufacturers deal with noise and vibration countermeasures.