Delphi Automotive

Math Based Metal Removal (MBMR) software

The successful creation and use of its Math Based Metal Removal (MBMR) software to save millions of dollars in manufacturing expense, time, and capital expenditures is a testimonial to Delphi Automotive’s support for innovation and the value of teamwork.

The concept of systematically and mathematically predicting critical engineering parameters which govern machining processes is significant, representing a truly identifiable breakthrough from traditionally costly and time-consuming trial and error methods, with uncertain control. The concept of using fully predictive tools to aid in determining and controlling the machining process has been a desired goal within Delphi for several years, but only became a reality after Delphi was spun off from GM. Today there is practical use being made of several unique and impressive predictive tools including TURN sim, DRILL sim, FACE sim, GRIND sim, and TAP sim

The uniqueness of this vast database and intricate software – usable in a Windows format – provides Delphi with a two to three year lead-time over competitors.

Beyond the technology involved, this innovation is proof of the value of teamwork and collaboration with at least a dozen universities each of which worked on a specific process application, and with Delphi Divisions who co-located engineers within the Research Labs to allow implementation of the tools being developed within the manufacturing plants. Additional teamwork included a corporate-wide training and education effort to spread knowledge and use of the tools, as well as funding provided by the divisions to underwrite MBMR.

The PACE judges observed that Delphi Research has made “changing the rules of the game” an essential part of their vision. MBMR is a real world example that they practice what they envision.