BASF Corporation, Coatings and Colorants Division

Integrated Process

The automotive industry is under world-wide pressure to reduce harmful emissions from its factories. A major target for reduction is the emission of volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) from automotive paint shops. BASF Corporation has addressed this requirement with a significantly new, innovatively integrated system for coating and painting automobiles.

BASF has developed and installed at the DaimlerChrysler automotive paint shop at Rastatt, Germany, a new integrated paint process with significant environmental improvements. The colored waterborne primer, the waterborne base coat and the powder slurry clearcoat, taken together substantially eliminate VOC emissions. They are applied wet on wet on wet, with only a single final paint-oven bake, thus reducing energy costs. The process, including e-coat, is viewed as an integrated whole. Despite the assembled risks involved in making significant advances in paint technology in each part of the process, the integrated process has ramped up to full production and has successfully met DaimlerChrysler's quality objectives. In addition, the BASF personnel responsible for the introduction of this new technology have developed a strong working relationship with DaimlerChrysler, in which they have been given and carried out increased responsibilities as integrated team members as a result of the success of the introduction of this new technology and process.

BASF has established a successful example of both a new technology for reduction of paint shop emissions and a new working relationship with its customer.