PPG Industries

Powder Clearcoat Paint

PPG’s Powder Clearcoat achievements went against conventional wisdom about what was possible in clearcoat capability and performance, and this innovation was accordingly based upon a strong partnership between PPG and BMW. Melt mixing and control of particle size distribution are two critical process elements making this innovation possible.

The product was first introduced into mass production on the clearcoat lines at the BMW plant in Dingolfing, Germany, where Enviracryl Powder Clearcoat is being used to paint the final coat on BMW’s 5 and 7 Series automobiles. Use of powder clearcoat virtually eliminates VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions, making it “best practice,” hence the likely choice for new installations. Recirculating water systems in the clearcoat booths are no longer needed, as overspray is simply vacuumed up and recycled, after being reprocessed and mixed with virgin powder for reuse. Total system utilization is 96 per cent. Such a powder system boasts lower installation investment costs, and waste disposal provisions are not required. Best of all, finished appearance and quality is equal to that of high performance liquid clearcoats.