The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

“Run Flat” Eagle F1 GS EMT tire technology

Goodyear has developed passenger car run-flat tire technology to the point that it is now commercially viable to eliminate the spare tire, jack,and extra wheel in a new car, providing numerous safety, security and weight and space-saving advantages to consumers, without special wheels. New Chevrolet Corvette and Plymouth Prowler models are so equipped.

The Goodyear Eagle F1 GS EMT is uniquely capable of being fitted on standard, conventional wheels, and is rated to run up to 200 miles at 55 mph, with zero inflation pressure. Vehicle handling and maneuvering characteristics are virtually unchanged in the run-flat condition. Run Flat equipped vehicles are also equipped with low-pressure warning systems visible to the driver.

The technology, in principle, is simple. After many years of attempts by various tiremakers, the supporting technology at Goodyear is the development by Goodyear of specially formulated and controlled rubber reinforced sidewalls strengthened to permit an unchanged tire profile without air inflation. Depending on applications and desired run characteristics, the sidewall content can be varied allowing a range of performance levels.

The safety, security, and convenience of not being immobilized along the roadway is a significant consumer advantage that is consistent with the innovation implicit in the PACE award. This technology revitalizes Goodyear's image as an innovation leader, one that develops new products in anticipation of the manufacturer’s and consumer's needs and desires.

With the increased interest in safety, convenience, cargo space, weight-saving, and energy conservation, Goodyear is committed to extend applications to a number of other models for after-market fitting and further uses of the technology.