Meritor Automotive

RHP Highway Parallelogram Trailer Air Suspension System

Meritor's RHP Highway Parallelogram Air Suspension system has changed the basis of competition in this rapidly growing segment of the trailer suspension industry, and merits a PACE Award.

Meritor's innovation is a compact and light-weight suspension system that utilizes a revolutionary design, eliminating the traditional trailing arm suspension, replacing it with a tandem suspension system, producing a parallel movement of the trailer's air springs. This in turn has allowed for the integration of a more efficient slider and single unified frame bracket, which, with Meritor's other existing undercarriage components, such as axles and brakes, can now be configured and delivered to the customer as a complete "bolt-on suspension system," as opposed to the current industry practice which generally requires final assembly of each air suspension system ordered.

Meritor's innovative system also results in dramatic safety and handling improvements. These include the elimination of “dock-walk” while the trailer is being loaded or unloaded by forklift, under improved safety conditions, as well as the elimination of back slap, axle roll torque, and diving and hopping while braking when the trailer is being operated on the road. The improved handling and control characteristics result in significantly improved driver safety and comfort, as well as reduced wear and stress on the equipment. The new design is also easier to service, reducing operating, maintenance, and repair costs. The new design's reduction in overall weight also lowers daily operating fuel costs and increases equipment flexibility, permitting greater loads and lowering back haul costs.

Working closely with major truck OEMs, Meritor has gained rapid market acceptance for its new suspension system and created a unique and commercially beneficial product for their customers.