Eaton Corporation, Spicer Clutch Division

Eaton Spicer Solo

Market surveys and customer inquiry showed that one of the most urgently needed developments in medium and heavy duty truck fleet operation was low maintenance and adjustment-free clutches.  The Eaton Corporation’s Clutch Division capitalized on the opportunity, and has put into production the Eaton Spicer Solo, the first adjustment-free clutch for medium and heavy duty truck fleets.  With each push of the clutch pedal, a cam system and wear sensors check the clutch for wear and make any necessary adjustments.

The Eaton Spicer Solo system’s wear-adjusting technology is based on two sliding cams.  The clutch senses when wear calls for adjustment, and the cams rotate automatically to maintain proper adjustment throughout the life of the clutch.  A wear indicator tab shows progressive cam movement, allowing easy monitoring of clutch wear without disassembly of the clutch.

This automatic adjustment innovation eliminates the need for manual clutch adjustment, increases useful life of the clutch, since it is always in correct adjustment, and substantially reduces maintenance downtime and labor.  All of these factors reduce operating expense and improve truck fleet efficiency.

Because Eaton’s Clutch Division is organized and motivated to identify opportunities and seek competitive advantage, they were able to create a product that was unique and commercially beneficial for them and their customers.  Market acceptance has been excellent in both OEM and aftermarket applications.  Eaton Spicer’s Clutch Division’s ability to pay off what its customers want and need earns them a PACE Award.