Dürr Industries

RFC or Radiant Floor Construction Paint Oven

Dürr has demonstrated why it is an automotive business leader.  Already the global leader in paint systems for automotive assembly plants with approximately 80% of the business, Dürr has come up with a revolutionary oven design that brings new competitive and customer benefits.

The fundamental change in the oven design is the use of the floor of the oven as the main heat source.  The direct-fired air is forced through the Dürr-designed chamber in the floor to provide controlled radiant heat.  Thus the products of combustion are excluded from the oven atmosphere without the need for a heat-exchanger.  Air movement is kept to a minimum due to the use of radiant heat.  Dürr has found that these factors have had a significant impact on reducing a big problem in paint shops, dirt and contamination associated with circulating air.

Dürr and their customers claim significant savings in the purchase and installation of this new oven, of up to 10%, due in part to its modular design and the elimination of heat exchangers.  In addition, it is estimated that operating savings will be significant in terms of costs of gas, electricity, and filters saved over conventional designs.

Finally, and perhaps most important within Dürr’s framework of innovation, this oven design yields more uniform curing rates on a variety of different substrates, thus allowing heavy metal, light metal, aluminum, and various plastics to be cured together, in a single, simultaneous operation, solving previous problems and bringing new customer benefits.  This innovative way of curing dissimilar painted materials together merits a PACE Award.