Rapid Design Services, Inc.

Rapid Design Services, Inc., started as a local supplier of engineering services for the Automotive Components Division of GM.  Theirs is a story of innovation in the transformation of a service company. 

As ACD grew, so did RDS.  As ACD spread from chassis, to radiators, to instrument panels, to electronics, so did RDS.  As ACD became Delphi Automotive and began globalizing, RDS continued its support.  Then came Lopez.  Rather than submit to a reactive survival strategy, RDS took advantage of the opportunity to introduce real change and instituted volume discounts in the engineering services industry.  This was innovative because it had never been done.  Now RDS’s clients--including many besides Delphi--are saving millions on an array of outsourced services.

RDS is able to deliver many valuable local services globally because of its three key information systems used in combination: its global CAD network encompasses every major CAD system in use today; its financial network is a project-based accounting system which can be monitored by office, by client, by country, and corporately; and its human resource system not only captures skills of RDS’s own 2500 employees, but capabilities of thousands of technical people worldwide who can be mobilized as required.  RDS has thus rapidly grown its business beyond Delphi Automotive, to deliver services to other automotive companies, and other sectors, including heavy equipment, computers, appliances, furniture, medical supply, food processing, and aerospace.

Today Rapid Design Services not only offers product design and manufacturing engineering services, but additional services, such as rapid prototyping, competitive databases, plant layout and building design, environmental, and even troubled supplier consulting.  RDS’s innovative transformation has not only redefined their industry, it has given them a strategic leap ahead as a model engineering services firm.