Gentex Corporation, Automotive Products Group

Gentex Metal Reflector

Gentex, a 1997 PACE Award winner, has demonstrated again why it is an automotive business leader.  Already the global leader in auto-dimming interior rear-view mirrors, Gentex has come up with a proprietary coating that makes possible for the first time the application of electrochromic technology to the relatively larger exterior mirrors required by light trucks and sport utility vehicles, while still being able to withstand the relatively greater environmental stresses imposed on an exterior mirror.

The Gentex Metal Reflector (GMR) proprietary coating, in solving the specific problems presented by larger exterior mirrors, has created and served a new market through superior performance and substantial cost savings that are passed on to Tier One and OEM customers.  GMR has also been a key factor in the development of exterior mirrors that use curved glass, as on the passenger side mirrors in North America, or the wide-angle aspheric mirrors that are used in Europe and Japan.  GMR is now being used by Gentex in all of its external auto-dimming product applications.

Because of systematic and persistent exploration of new products and market opportunities, Gentex has produced another innovation that is profitable for the company and for its customers, and one which provides an appeal and a substantial safety benefit for light truck and sport utility vehicle users.  This merits the 1997 small company PACE Award.