Bosch Automotive Motor Systems

It is one thing to have an award-winning idea, but it is a special achievement when that idea and its implementation also speaks directly to environmental waste concerns and the critical need--now really an imperative--to recycle material involved in automotive components.

Bosch Automotive, working with the Ford Motor Company on the one side, and a key supplier, Wellman, Incorporated, on the other, has done just that.  When Ford asked its suppliers for fresh ideas and creativity in obtaining 25% post-consumer recycled material content (or 25% “PCR”) in under-the-hood components, Bosch came through.  Working closely with Wellman, the first part made (25% PCR) from post-consumer nylon was designed and produced for the 1996 Ford Windstar minivan by Bosch.  The part is a dual fan shroud assembly. 

Displaying a total commitment to solving the customer’s problem, Bosch was particularly impressive for its expansion of needed technical resources by partnering with Wellman, for chemical engineering and highly specialized polymer knowhow.  Ultimately, this allowed the extraction and use of component-quality nylon from discarded nylon carpeting. 

Each part weighs just four pounds, but since July 1996, use of this revised-content component has meant that carpeting discarded from the equivalent of 1,300 homes has not been added to our landfills. 

This innovation also achieved, in the process of adding PCR content to the 1996 Ford Windstar, an important reduction in cost of the end product, all without sacrificing quality or durability.

This unique, multi-dimensional accomplishment by Bosch Automotive Systems, working as a team with Wellman, Inc., and Ford, merits a 1997 PACE Award.