Luxury car sales surge in Russia despite crisis

Feb. 3, 2016 16:34 CET

More and more Porsche, Bentley and Rolls-Royce cars are appearing on Russian roads as wealthy buyers take advantage of a weak ruble that means luxury cars are considerably cheaper in Russia than in the U.S....
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China pushes down Rolls sales

12:01 am U.S. ET | Jan. 18, 2016

Rolls-Royce global sales fell last year because of a 54 percent decline in China -- despite a 6 percent increase in North America. Worldwide, Roll-Royce sales declined to 3,785 cars from a record 4,063 in 2014....
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BMW fights off Mercedes to keep luxury crown

Jan. 11, 2016 14:27 CET

BMW retained the title of world's top-selling premium brand last year while Mercedes overtook Audi to claim the No. 2 spot....
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Ultra-luxury brands, 'Bond' star, shine in intimate Detroit showroom

9:52 am U.S. ET | Jan. 10, 2016

A ballroom in a downtown Detroit casino was transformed Saturday night into a glitzy showroom for high-end luxury vehicles and supercars worth a combined $8 million....
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Penske enters Japan with equity buy into luxury dealership group

5:00 pm U.S. ET | Jan. 7, 2016

Penske Automotive Group, making a foray into Japan, acquired a 49 percent equity stake in the Nicole Group, a luxury dealership group with operations in Tokyo and Kanagawa....
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A new Dawn, crossover

12:01 am U.S. ET | Jan. 4, 2016

Rolls-Royce will launch a crossover in 2018 and is working on a redesigned Phantom flagship sedan....
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Design chief Taylor shapes modern Rolls-Royce

12:01 am U.S. ET | Oct. 24, 2015

Rolls-Royce design chief Giles Taylor discusses the design of the new Dawn convertible: No focus groups, but intense focus on the delicate task of updating Rolls' classic design language....
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Rolls-Royce N.A. president to step down for 'entrepreneurial role'

2:27 pm U.S. ET | Sept. 25, 2015

Rolls-Royce North American President Eric Shepherd will step down from the position at the end of the year, the automaker said today. Shepherd will be succeeded by Pedro Mota, Porsche Cars North America’s vice president for the western U.S....
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NYC's Brian Miller sells superluxury cars, hands-on service

12:01 am U.S. ET | Sept. 21, 2015

Brian Miller is a jeans-and-sneakers guy, running a Manhattan super luxury car dealership that caters to the rich and famous. His secret is hands-on, four-star service to people who expect nothing less....
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UK's pro-EU carmakers say plants not at risk from Brexit

Sept. 17, 2015 13:02 CET

The UK's foreign-owned carmakers say they would not shut their plants if the country leaves the EU, though future investment could be at risk....
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Rolls-Royce mulls electric car as new regulations dawn

1:34 pm U.S. ET | Sept. 15, 2015

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars may develop an electric vehicle as tighter regulations on auto emissions pushes even the most elite auto manufacturers to look into battery-powered cars....
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BLOG: Why a Rolls-Royce ATV isn't a strange idea

7:32 am U.S. ET | Sept. 15, 2015

A Rolls-Royce ATV? Really? Not as strange as it sounds....
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BLOG: Rolls-Royce rebalances amid China slowdown

9:30 am U.S. ET | Sept. 15, 2015

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars may not see an increase in global sales this year because of the meltdown in China, says its CEO, Torsten Muller–Otvos....
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A new breed of superrich buyer emerges - and splurges

12:01 am U.S. ET | Sept. 14, 2015

A new generation of wealthy and more-raucous luxury buyers is emboldening automakers to rethink their offerings....
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Now, this is a queen who knows how to roll

12:01 am U.S. ET | Sept. 14, 2015

Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning monarch in British history last week. This is one monarch who knows her way around a vehicle....
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Rolls targets women, younger buyers with Dawn convertible

12:01 am U.S. ET | Sept. 14, 2015

The Dawn convertible that Rolls-Royce will unveil this week at the Frankfurt auto show aims to attract younger buyers and more women to the brand....
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Crossover, Dawn are on the horizon

12:01 am U.S. ET | Sept. 14, 2015

Rolls-Royce will join ultraluxury competitor Bentley and launch a crossover. in 2018. The crossover will use a new aluminum spaceframe that also will underpin Rolls-Royce cars as they are replaced....
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Rolls-Royce aims Dawn convertible at younger buyers

Sept. 8, 2015 14:14 CET

Rolls-Royce expects its Dawn convertible to attract more younger buyers and more women to the brand....
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BMW exec explains why less is more for Mini brand

Aug. 5, 2015 06:01 CET

BMW's board member in charge of Mini, Peter Schwarzenbauer, is reducing the brand's range to five models -- dropping the slow-selling Roadster, Coupe and Paceman. He admits that the move is controversial because it runs counter to the belief that more models mean more volume....
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BMW brand sales rise 5% as Europe, U.S, offset China dip

July 9, 2015 11:20 CET

BMW brand's global sales rose 5 percent in June as robust demand in Europe and the U.S. helped offset a second-straight month of decline in China. Six-month sales at BMW brand grew 5.1 percent....
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Rolls-Royce's China sales drop on luxury crackdown

June 25, 2015 10:39 CET

Rolls-Royce sales are being hit by a "cool wind blowing in China," said the executive in charge of the ultraluxury brand, as the nation's wealthy pull back from ostentatious purchases amid a government crackdown on conspicuous consumption....
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BMW brand sales rise 4% in May despite China decline

June 12, 2015 10:48 CET

BMW brand's global sales rose 4 percent in May helped by strong demand in the U.S. and a continued recovery in Europe, the automaker said. The gains helped BMW brand overcome a 5.5 percent decline in China last month, its first year-on-year slide since January 2005....
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Rolls-Royce has new Dawn on the horizon

5:01 pm U.S. ET | May 12, 2015

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars will call its new convertible Dawn. The car will go on sale in the first quarter of 2016. The open-top car shares a platform with the Wraith coupe....
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Mini and Rolls leader to speak at congress

12:01 am U.S. ET | April 20, 2015

BMW board member Peter Schwarzenbauer, who is leading Mini and Rolls-Royce through periods of major change, will speak at the Automotive News Europe Congress on June 10 in Birmingham, England....
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4 of 5 Rolls purchasers customize

12:01 am U.S. ET | April 11, 2015

Rolls-Royce buyers want their cars to stand out. About 80 percent of Rolls-Royce cars sold in the U.S. are now custom ordered....
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