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Recent authored articles

Search is on for better lidar

Though lidar technology solves many problems of current sensor technology, it still hasn't met the requirements for mass production for vehicles — even after decades of development.

Everything but autonomous, net neutrality and Uber's 'Game of Thrones'

Caught skipping out on transportation Twitter? We've been there. Here's our round-up of the best insights, strange news and everything else to catch-up on this weekend.

Does Lyft deserve praise or ridicule?

This week Mobility Report discusses if Lyft deserved the ire of the internet when it touted a new service suspiciously similar to traditional, fixed-route buses.

Former Tesla engineers launch high-def mapping company

Computer vision company Lvl5 hopes 3-D maps will replace the need for lidar systems. The five-person startup has raised $2 million and plans to expand to 100 employees by the end of 2018.

China's Baidu taps Microsoft to extend autonomous reach

Chinese tech giant Baidu is relying on Microsoft to extend its self-driving car ambitions outside of China.

Gina Allen

Uses people and communication skills to improve fixed operations at Santa Margarita Ford and Toyota in California.

What happens if the Tesla Model 3 flops?

In our first reading group, we talk Tesla, CEO Elon Musk, the Model 3 and what needs to happen to make the company worth its valuation.

Toyota creates $100 million venture fund for tech startups

Toyota Research Institute is investing $100 million to start a venture capital fund for technology startups. The fund, called Toyota AI Ventures, will focus on AI, robotics, and other technologies.

Bosch plots growth in mobility era

The supply giant's mobility technologies are already selling well. But the competition is getting stiffer as large tech companies and startups join the fray.

Tesla adds mobile techs for Model 3

Tesla is relying on its mobile program to fill the gaps of a slow-growing service center network.

Ford forms r&d team for robotics, artificial intelligence

Ford has created a research team dedicated to robotics and artificial intelligence, said recently appointed Ford Chief Technology Officer Ken Washington. The size of the team wasn't disclosed.

Can Volvo's Polestar capture that Tesla magic?

The spinoff of Polestar could help the new performance brand escape Volvo's reputation for practicality.

Tesla driver in fatal crash wasn't watching video, witness tells investigators

A witness said the driver involved in a fatal crash while using Tesla's Autopilot function was not playing a video in his car, a government report said.

'CSI' teams help automakers spot trouble

Volvo has analyzed 40,000 car accidents since the 1970s, underscoring how Volvo and other automakers gather voluminous data to make future vehicles safer.

At Waymo, it's lights out for 'Firefly'

Waymo is trading in the pod car for more practical wheels.

Bringing clarity to Ford's mobility strategy

Throughout her career, Marcy Klevorn has helped bring Ford into the digital era, cutting costs along the way.

The exodus at Uber

Since the start of the year, 13 high-profile executives have departed, and Uber has not filled many of those roles.

Tesla's real capacity problem: Too many people

In its Fremont plant, a temple of lean manufacturing, Tesla uses far more workers than NUMMI did, to build far fewer cars.

Uber memo surfaces with CEO setting sex guidelines for employees

In a staff-wide email sent in 2013, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick laid out rules for employees should they decide to have sex on a company outing.

Bosch, TomTom developing high-res mapping system

Robert Bosch and mapmaker TomTom are developing a high-resolution mapping system using the supplier's radar sensors.

Lyft, NuTonomy partner to offer autonomous rides in Boston

Ride-hailing company Lyft will soon begin picking up customers in self-driving cars in Boston, when it begins working through a research partnership with autonomous vehicle startup NuTonomy.

Uber's troubles just keep piling up

UPDATED: 6/9/17 11:30 am ET - corrected

The ride-hailing company lost another two top executives last week, and posted a $708 million loss.

Globetrotter builds Volvo's international footprint

Katarina Fjording has traveled the world to create cars and plants for Volvo. Now she's overseeing construction of the automaker’s first U.S. factory.

Tesla owners should pay more for insurance, AAA says

Data shows Tesla owners report more claims than average, and those claims cost more, a major insurance group said. Tesla disputes the data analysis.

Uber fires Levandowski for failing to cooperate with Waymo lawsuit

Uber has fired Anthony Levandowski, the self-driving car engineer at the center of its legal battle with Waymo. The company said he was unable to cooperate on the Waymo litigation.