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Volvo turns up the heat on Tesla

Volvo may be the one brand that can usurp Tesla's reign as the king of cool electric cars.

Software startup helps maintain shared vehicles

Stratim, a fleet management software startup, is looking to meet the anticipated need for timely vehicle service and maintenance as transportation moves from private ownership to shared mobility.

A mandate on its deathbed, flying Ubers, Las Vegas' driverless crash

What the fate of the 'talking cars' mandate says about government and the future of connected cars.

Waymo to offer driverless rides to public in Arizona

Waymo is testing self-driving vehicles without safety drivers in Arizona and plans to offer rides without a human behind the wheel to the public in the next few months.

Waymo moves fast, but where is it going?

UPDATED: 11/6/17 9:31 pm ET - corrected

Google's work on self-driving cars is advancing quickly, but the lack of a clear commercialization strategy suggests it's still a long way from a large-scale public rollout.

Tesla losses prompt some caution from analysts

Tesla posted its largest quarterly loss in company history on Wednesday. Here's how some analysts reacted.

Tesla posts record $671 million loss in Q3

UPDATED: 11/2/17 4:15 pm ET - adds stock close

Tesla racked up a $671 million loss in the third quarter -- compared to a $22 million profit a year earlier -- as the electric-vehicle maker continued to struggle producing the mass-market Model 3.

Waymo offers glimpse inside self-driving lab

Google's self-driving car unit opened the doors to Castle — its private testing facility in California — to reporters, showing what progress it has made toward Level 4 autonomy.

BMW takes slow road to high-speed autonomy

The automaker wants to make sure its cars can drive without human intervention at highway speeds.

When your 'self-driving car' isn't autonomous

We critique a New York Times columnist, Tesla's fans are angry and more from this week in mobility.

UAW files complaint against Tesla after hundreds of workers fired

The UAW filed an unfair labor practices complaint against Tesla with the National Labor Relations Board after the automaker fired more than 400 employees.

Women wary of reaching out to human resources

About 18 percent of women said they reported incidents to human resources, but most said they felt like filing a complaint would label them as troublemakers.

Speedy tech deals may crash and burn later

Suppliers are trying to move fast, but experts say they may be getting involved in messy deals that could hurt later.

Polestar debuts with performance coupe, subscription sales model

UPDATED: 10/17/17 8:48 am ET - adds details

Volvo and its parent, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, are initially investing about $752 million in the stand-alone electrified vehicle brand, mostly for a China assembly plant.

How a dealer's tire program avoids potholes

Mastria Nissan, of Raynham, Mass., carefully manages its Tires for Life program so as to avoid hurting its bottom line while raising its service retention rate.

Why is Tesla struggling with the Model 3?

What's behind Tesla's manufacturing woes? It could be something as simple as steel.

NXP Semiconductors hopes new tech platform will future-proof cars

NXP Semiconductors introduced its S32x processing platform, which it claims has 10 times the performance of current chipsets. The platform makes over-the-air updates possible.

Waymo goes public with comprehensive autonomous safety assessment

Waymo, Google's self-driving car affiliate, made a comprehensive safety assessment of its autonomous vehicles available to the public on Thursday, publishing a detailed safety report on its website.

California DMV proposes relaxed regulations for self-driving cars

UPDATED: 10/11/17 4:34 pm ET - adds reactions

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is proposing more lenient state regulations to allow manufacturers to test and deploy self-driving cars.

Nvidia introduces supercomputer for Level 5 driverless vehicles

Nvidia has developed a supercomputer that will enable fully driverless vehicles. The artificial intelligence supplier introduced the latest iteration of its automated-driving platform

PSA's early hurdle in U.S. return

PSA's new app needs government and ride-hailing partners to make it successful.

Electrek faces criticism for giving readers Tesla discount codes

UPDATED: 10/4/17 4:16 pm ET - adds details

A website that covers Tesla-related news may have violated Tesla's terms of service by getting readers to use referral codes to get a $1,000 discount on a new vehicle.

PSA launches mobility venture 'Free2Move' in U.S.

UPDATED: 10/4/17 10:48 pm ET

French automaker PSA introduced its mobility services platform in Seattle as part of a long-term strategy to re-enter the North American market.

ZF CEO details strategy for mobility future

ZF is preparing for an autonomous future by doubling down on what it sees as its primary strengths: mechanical and safety systems.

Delphi renames automated driving business 'Aptiv'

Delphi Automotive said it will rename its automated driving business to reflect its focus on keeping up with future technologies. The new name is Aptiv.