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Tesla to build motors, gearboxes in Gigafactory

Tesla will manufacture the electric motors and gearboxes for the upcoming Model 3 at its Gigafactory in Nevada.

Apple sued for not preventing texting and driving

Apple is facing a potential class-action lawsuit in California for declining to deploy technology that could prevent iPhone users from texting while driving.

'Tinkering' gets results at Waymo

John Krafcik, CEO of Waymo, formerly known as Google's self-driving car project, said the company's vertically integrated self-driving platform was born when Google engineers "began tinkering."

Volvo hopes V90 can stir wagon love

In the midst of a revival, Volvo is going back to its roots: station wagons.

Autonomous drive gets closer -- meaning what?

Carmakers got more specific about timing for self-driving vehicles as they discussed their plans this month at CES in Las Vegas and the Detroit auto show.

Mobility business could make room for everyone

In a future filled with mobility services and self-driving vehicles, some executives say there will be room for everyone.

Detroit should build its own innovation hub, iPhone co-creator says

Tony Fadell, iPhone co-creator and Detroit area native who upended the mobile phone industry, has a message for Detroit: Don't move to Silicon Valley.

How Waymo decided to go driverless

John Krafcik, head of what used to be Google's self-driving project, said the company's approach to automation was determined after observing how drivers responded to advanced driver assist technologies.

Volvo launches deliveries of self-driving tech to select customers

Volvo Cars has begun delivering self-driving technology to select customers.

Ford system lets phone handle the navigating

With declining interest in automaker-installed navigation systems, Ford Motor Co. has opted to let drivers use the technology most have been using all along: their own phones.

Faraday will take your money now

Faraday Future ended a spotty car reveal last week asking for $5,000 deposits on a vehicle with no announced price or release date.

Waymo cutting lidar costs by 90%, building up hardware suite

Waymo, the standalone company formerly known as the Google self-driving car project, said Sunday it is has dramatically lowered the cost of lidar by 90 percent, and is building a suite of hardware that can be integrated as a...

Nissan lays out plans for electrified, fatality-free future

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has big plans for an electrified and automated future. At a Thursday keynote address at CES, Ghosn listed an array of efforts the company is making to move toward zero emissions and zero fatalities.

Audi plans to debut autonomous car in 2020

Audi wants put autonomous cars on the road in less than five years. The automaker said in a joint event with artificial intelligence company Nvidia at CES that it plans to introduce a Level 4 autonomous vehicle in 2020.

Panasonic teams with Google, Qualcomm on infotainment

UPDATED: 1/6/17 6:27 pm ET - corrected

Panasonic's concept anticipates demand for a more flexible system, and is based on the latest version of Android and Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip.

Toyota's cute Concept-i wants to be your friend

UPDATED: 1/5/2017 9:30 am ET -- adds gallery

The intelligent assistant uses artificial intelligence to build a 'driver-vehicle relationship,' the automaker said.

Ford's updated Sync taps into drivers' phones

UPDATED: 1/5/17 7:01 am ET - adds comments

Now drivers can project their smartphone maps onto the car infotainment screen, potentially reducing distracted driving risk.

Faraday Future demonstrates powerful EV despite setbacks

UPDATED: 1/4/2017 10:50 am -- adds gallery

For Faraday Future, the show must go on. The Chinese electric automaker revealed its production electric vehicle, the FF 91, at CES on Tuesday.

Chrysler Portal concept minivan aimed at wooing millennials

Fiat Chrysler is trying to court millennials with a futuristic vision of a “Soccer Mom” car. The automaker on Tuesday unveiled its electric minivan concept, the Chrysler Portal, at the CES technology show.

Mobileye, Here agree to partner on autonomous technolgy

Mobileye, which supplies advanced driver assistance systems sensors, has entered into a strategic partnership with intelligent mapping company Here.

Ford expands fleet of self-driving test cars

Ford has added 20 vehicles to its existing fleet of 10 autonomous Fusion Hybrids, retrofitted with more advanced driverless technology and reduced hardware.

Ford expands fleet of self-driving test cars

Ford has added 20 vehicles to its existing fleet of 10 autonomous Fusion Hybrids, retrofitted with more advanced driverless technology and reduced hardware.

Tesla: Superchargers aren't parking lots

Tesla Motors is following up on its promise to make drivers pay if they leave vehicles at a Supercharger station long after they are fully charged.

7 connected-car questions for 2017

Automakers and their partners have showcased just how far they've come this year in advancing connected technology, and regulators have made progress, too. But many big questions remain unresolved. Here are seven of them.

Uber moves self-driving pilot program to Arizona after California setback

Uber made a quick decision today to move its self-driving pilot program to Arizona after the California Department of Motor Vehicles shut down the company's autonomous vehicle operations in San Francisco.