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Where to discover self-driving secrets

Autonomous vehicle development has become highly competitive, and companies working on the technology tend to hold their plans close to the vest.

Uber loses another top executive as Marakby departs

UPDATED: 4/17/17 8:14 pm ET - adds detail

Sherif Marakby, vice president of global vehicle programs at Uber, left his post at the ride-hailing company after a year on the job.

Apple is granted Calif. permit to test autonomous vehicles

UPDATED: 4/14/17 6:04 pm ET - adds details

Apple, in another sign the tech giant is moving forward with plans to develop self-driving vehicle technology, has been granted a permit to test autonomous vehicles in California.

Bosch to roll out patch after smartphone app security threat found

UPDATED: 4/14/17 11:39 am ET - adds detail

Robert Bosch will issue a patch to its aftermarket connectivity dongle and smartphone app after researchers at Argus Cyber Security discovered a vulnerability that would allow it to control vehicle communications.

Continental expands r&d operations in Silicon Valley

Continental expanded its r&d footprint in Silicon Valley with the opening of a 65,000-square-foot technical center in San Jose.

Continental plants new r&d stake in Silicon Valley

Continental is expanding its footprint in Silicon Valley with the opening of a 65,000-square-foot technical center in San Jose.

Auto-services disruptors face hurdles as they grow

Several startups want to disrupt auto-related services - but they're struggling to get sustainable scale.

Delphi investments seek to advance in-car computing

Delphi Automotive is partnering with three companies to improve data processing and management within vehicles.

In the business of the future, beware certainty

When you're covering a technology such as self-driving cars that poses more questions than answers, reports such as last week's claiming to measure the progress of 18 companies can be tempting.

Bosch, Daimler partner on self-driving taxi service

Robert Bosch and Daimler are partnering to develop a system that will enable a self-driving taxi service by the start of the next decade.

BorgWarner invests $10M in Silicon Valley venture capital fund

BorgWarner is investing $10 million in venture-capital fund AutoTech Ventures to help the supplier monitor advance technologies as the auto industry moves toward electrified and autonomous vehicles.

Ford, GM, Renault-Nissan, Daimler lead self-driving car race

Ford, General Motors, Renault-Nissan and Daimler are best positioned for long-term success in a self-driving car future, according to a report from Navigant Research.

YooJung Ahn

UPDATED: 04/11/17 10 am ET -- correction

  • Age: 42

  • Title: Lead industrial designer, Waymo

Volvo gets emotional over wagons

Volvo is re-entering the American station wagon market with the 2017 V90 Cross Country, a vehicle that caters to a driver's needs, big and small.

Apple drops clues about self-driving car program, confirms work with Bosch

UPDATED: 3/31/17 12:58 pm ET - adds Bosch statement

Apple may have left another clue that its self-driving car project is still alive. In February, the tech giant published a list of suppliers it is working with, including Robert Bosch.

Volvo sticks with Uber partnership

Volvo is standing by its partnership with Uber, despite the ride-hailing company's string of public relations disasters, including a high-profile accident this weekend that led to Uber temporarily shutting down its...

A model for resolving self-driving litigation

There already has been some debate about how companies that make self-driving cars will deal with litigation. A small court in Washington dedicated to vaccine injury claims could provide a guide.

Toyota gets license to Microsoft's connected vehicle patents

Microsoft said it will license all of its connected vehicle patents to Toyota in its most wide-ranging intellectual property agreement with an automaker.

Uber puts the ire in Iron City

Although many Pittsburghers see Uber as a symbol of their city's turnaround from an ailing former steel town to an up-and-coming tech hub, others resent the company's unwillingness to assimilate to the city's distinctive...

Lear to launch vehicle communication partnership with Wyoming

Lear is partnering with Wyoming to enable vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication in the state.

Nvidia self-driving partnerships detailed

Last week, Nvidia spelled out details of two partnerships it has for its self-driving computer chips: one deal with in which Robert Bosch GmbH that will use Nvidia's chips to power its self-driving supercomputer, and one...

Nvidia chips to power Bosch, Paccar self-driving tech

Nvidia chips will go in Bosch self-driving supercomputers, and has developed a proof-of-concept self-driving truck with Paccar.

Lucid Motors prices its Tesla fighter at $52,500

Lucid Motors will price its first vehicle, the Air, starting at $52,500. The base price includes $7,500 in federal tax credits.

Self-driving startups make ripe targets

Smaller autonomous technology companies specializing in areas like artificial intelligence, sensors or mobility services could be a boon to big players looking to gain market share and attract automaker partnerships.

Intel's Mobileye buy heats up competition with Qualcomm

UPDATED: 3/13/17 7:51 pm ET - adds detail

Intel's proposed $14.7 billion acquisition of Mobileye will make the chipmaker one of the top players in computer processing for self-driving cars.