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Hannah Lutz

Finance & Insurance reporter
Address: 1155 Gratiot Ave.
48207 Detroit, Mich.
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Recent authored articles

Connecting with employees improves performance but only if done the right way

Most workplaces strive for employee engagement, but only a select group gets it right. Prioritizing engagement could improve employees' performance.

New Washington, new dialogue for industry, CFPB

One clear benefit for retailers and lenders under the Trump administration? A better relationship between industry associations and the CFPB.

F&I profits exceed vehicle profits as dealers' aftermarket acumen grows

Strip away manufacturers' dealer incentives, and F&I gross profit on new vehicles is exceeding vehicle gross profit, according to the latest benchmark data from DealerStrong.

NADA's Scarpelli says stair-step programs can damage brands

Automakers' use of stair-step incentive programs could hurt consumer loyalty and weaken demand for the brand, said NADA Chairman Mark Scarpelli.

Used-vehicle leasing to see 'big lift,' MUSA says

MUSA Auto Finance has its sights set on a heavy leasing market, especially used-vehicle leasing. It just launched automated decisioning for leases submitted through Dealertrack, RouteOne and its own online portal.

'17 spiffs expected to get sweeter as vehicles jam lots

Automakers sweetened incentives last month to sell down a glut of 2017 models on dealership lots and make room for 2018 cars and light trucks. But the higher spiffs won't end there, Edmunds says.

How lenders can help speed the F&I process

Speeding up the F&I process has been a goal of F&I managers for the past few years, and lenders can help with automated decisions.

Credit unions led growth in Q2 lending

Credit unions led U.S. auto lending growth in the second quarter as other lender types pulled back, CU Direct says in its latest State of the Credit Union Auto Lending Market report.

Santander names new president of Chrysler Capital

Richard Morrin, COO for Santander Consumer USA, has been named president of Chrysler Capital and auto relationships, effective immediately.

Dealers, lenders could fight fraud better together

Lenders and vendors are working toward developing consortia to get ahead of fraud. Dealers shouldn't be left only with their own resources.

Experts: Boost sales with stories, not scripts

A scripted F&I interview may be a good foundation for an F&I rookie, but emotion-based selling goes further, experts say.

How to get sales staffers to embrace F&I

F&I managers can get sales staff to help with F&I by learning about their goals and investing in their training.

Against the clock, one approach doesn't fit all

If a hybrid sales-F&I model isn't the answer to smoother, faster process, what is?

Hyundai Capital America joins with AutoGravity

Consumers looking to buy a Hyundai, Kia or Genesis model now can shop for and finance their vehicles through Hyundai Capital America using AutoGravity's mobile app and web platform.

How long will terms stretch?

With a third of new-vehicle loans now at 73 to 84 months, will even longer loans become commonplace?

Outlook for auto delinquencies improves

The 30-day delinquency rate has improved, and 60-day delinquencies likely will follow suit as prime originations rise, Experian says.

The faces of fraud

The value of auto loan originations that contain some element of fraud may be as high as $6 billion this year, double last year's level.

Trying to win 'a game of cat and mouse'

Fraud and identity theft are escalating across the board, and auto lenders have become vigilant, acting to prevent crimes from affecting their business, their dealer clients and customers.

Multiple lenders look into teaming up to fight fraud

Although auto lenders are sharing fraud experiences more often, a full-fledged anti-fraud consortium has yet to take shape.

Growing threat to lenders: Synthetic identities

The fastest growing type of identity theft, synthetic identity fraud, is largely unknown to the public and a mounting threat for auto lenders, experts say.

AutoNation shuts down in Florida

The largest U.S. dealership group plans to close 76 stores in Florida -- nearly all of its outlets in the state -- at least through Saturday as it braces for Hurricane Irma.

Outstanding auto loans hit record $1.1 trillion

Outstanding U.S. auto-loan balances reached a record-high $1.1 trillion in the second quarter, a 7.1 percent rise paced by prime loans, an Experian report said.

AutoFi strikes partnership with Canada's Tricor

AutoFi, a company that automates online vehicle sales and financing, will enter Canada in 2018, partnering first with F&I company Tricor Automotive Group.

AutoFi strikes partnership with Canada's Tricor

AutoFi, a company that automates online vehicle sales and financing, will enter Canada in 2018, partnering first with F&I company Tricor Automotive Group.

Fewer 0% deals as vehicles languish on dealership lots

Vehicles sat on dealership lots longer in August than at any point since mid-2009. Even so, the 0 percent financing deals that can spur sales ebbed, Edmunds said.