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The really new GM: Ready to quit Europe

GM's proposed departure from Europe would be a radical pivot for a company that historically tried to dominate every global market it could, as well as a sign of how dramatically the industry is being upended by shifting...

Tax threat heightens concern about affordability

Prices for new cars and trucks, being pushed ever-higher by fuel-economy improvements, safety equipment and advanced technology, could soar out of range for many U.S. buyers with the addition of an import tax to the equation.

GM predicts earnings encore

General Motors projects “another strong year” ahead for itself, despite challenges posed by growing inventories and flattening U.S. sales.

GM tries marketing through mobility

GM and other automakers are branching out into so-called mobility services primarily to protect themselves from projected declines in vehicle ownership.

Why selling more cars is bad news for GM

General Motors redesigned several of its top-selling cars in 2016, including the Chevrolet Malibu and Cruze. And unfortunately for GM, some people actually bought them.

GM predicts 'strong year' in 2017 after earnings, margins fall in Q4

UPDATED: 2/7/17 4:15 pm ET - adds stock close

General Motors' earnings and profit margins declined in the fourth quarter, but its CFO said the automaker would have “another strong year” in 2017 even as the U.S. market gets tougher.

As truck sales keep rolling, small cars hang on

The clamor for more crossovers and SUVs shows no signs of fading anytime soon. And it could mean the end of the Toyota Camry's 15-year reign as the nation's top-selling car.

Cadillac retailers in wait-and-see over Pinnacle changes

Cadillac's dealer council hasn't decided yet whether to endorse Project Pinnacle, brand chief Johan de Nysschen's overhaul of the standards retailers must meet and the way they are paid.

Mitsubishi expects to hit the 100,000 mark

Add Mitsubishi to the long list of automakers projecting higher U.S. sales in 2017, even as executives acknowledge the overall market likely will be flat at best.

GM: Volume falls below 200,000 for first time since Jan. 2014

Big declines for the Buick brand and the Chevrolet Malibu pushed General Motors' U.S. sales down 3.8 percent in January. It marked the first time that GM sold fewer than 200,000 vehicles in a month since January 2014.

Detroit goes to Washington

President Donald Trump's meeting with the Detroit 3 CEOs was a historic bit of political theater -- but it was no dramatic turning point. A cooling U.S.

Chevy touts Bolt as special, but not weird

In a market that's still blase about electric vehicles, Chevy sees the Bolt's ability to fit seamlessly with the rest of its lineup as key to its hopes for significant sales volumes.

Mitsubishi sees U.S. sales topping 100,000 mark in 2017

Mitsubishi expects U.S. sales to surpass 100,000 vehicles this year for the first time in a decade, even though a highly anticipated new crossover will not reach stores until early 2018.

Cadillac gives relief on Pinnacle

Cadillac is modifying portions of the dealer-incentive program that starts in April to let retailers receive payments sooner and earn partial bonuses even if they fall as much as 15 percent short of monthly sales targets.

Chevy dealers' goal: Maintain the momentum

Chevrolet increased its retail share for the second year in a row in 2016, as General Motors funneled fewer vehicles to fleet buyers.

Chevy sees more gains in U.S. retail share

Chevrolet expects a third consecutive year of U.S. retail market share gains in 2017, executives told dealers.

Buick, GMC dealers are upbeat entering 2017

Few auto brands had a better 2016 than Buick.

Jan. auto sales expected to downshift slightly after strong 2016 finish

U.S. new-vehicle sales, coming off the industry's strongest December in history, are starting 2017 with only a slight slowdown, according to four forecasts issued this week.

Sales job awaits Caddy boss

With barely two months to go before Cadillac radically overhauls the way it pays its retailers and imposes stricter standards on them in a bid to regain cachet, dealers still have a lot of questions.

This year will put Project Pinnacle to the test

Project Pinnacle is Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen's plan to revamp the brand's retailer network by changing the way dealers are paid for the vehicles they sell and for complying with brand standards.

China growth buys time for Cadillac

Surging sales in China are giving Cadillac's U.S. business a luxury it lacked during previous attempts to regain its former luster: time.

Chevy Cruze's slide challenges retailers

Two redesigned crossovers on the way should help Chevrolet increase its retail market share, the head of the brand's dealer council says, but Chevy needs to find ways to sell more of its Cruze sedan.

Buick dealerships benefit from shift to crossovers

Buick's shift to selling more crossovers than sedans has made dealers busier and more profitable.

Caddy dealers ask brand for help with marketing

Cadillac dealers have asked the brand to boost its marketing efforts to help them weather an 18-month period with no major product launches.