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Feds flash their badges on auto data

On Feb. 12, some of the auto industry's leading cybersecurity experts gathered at a sprawling FBI complex to meet with an elite digital SWAT team called the Operational Technology Division.

Silicon Valley and Detroit: The best of frenemies

The world is witnessing unprecedented levels of both collaboration and competition between traditional automotive companies and high-tech newcomers such as Google, Uber and Tesla, which increasingly share a conviction that...

A self-driving vehicle with soccer-mom sense

By using the Pacifica, Google is signaling that its technology will be good for the whole family. Google is also laser-focused on older people and people with physical disabilities who cannot drive themselves.

Hyundai boosts incentives for sagging Elantra

Fresh styling has failed to keep the Hyundai Elantra in its plum spot in the compact-car segment.

TrueCar losses stabilize as dealer count rebounds

Car-shopping website TrueCar posted a first-quarter loss of $11.7 million, up slightly from $11.6 million, as the company expanded its roster of dealers and had a hand in more transactions.

Tesla posts $282 million 1st-quarter loss

UPDATED: 5/4/16 7:26 pm ET - adds details

Customer deposits for the $35,000-and-up Model 3 sedan helped Tesla raise cash on hand during the first quarter of 2016 as it reported a wider net loss of $282 million. Revenue rose 22 percent to $1.1 billion.

Hyundai blames ‘softness’ in cars for Elantra’s spring swoon

Just three months after Hyundai Motor Co. launched a clean-sheet redesign of the Elantra sedan, its best-selling car in the U.S.

A diagnostic in the cloud

Motorcars Toyota is installing devices in customers' cars that remotely assess the vehicle's service needs. It hopes the experiment will help the dealership deliver better service and boost customer retention.

Why Tesla's long waiting list for Model 3 needed a caveat

UPDATED: 4/30/16 10:20 pm ET - adds new details

It is certainly possible Tesla had 400,000 reservations from people who intend to buy a Model 3. But we at Automotive News had reservations of our own before CEO Elon Musk clarified the situation.

Best test for self-driving cars?

Federal safety regulators are asking automakers to help them figure out how to test self-driving cars to determine whether the vehicles are safe enough for consumers.

Mitsubishi says 2013-17 audit showed no U.S. testing flaws

Mitsubishi Motors, embroiled in a scandal over inflated fuel economy ratings for small cars sold in Japan, said today that an internal audit has found no testing problems with cars sold in the United States between model...

Can racing put driverless technology on fast track?

In Roborace, a racing series envisioned by Russian entrepreneur Denis Sverdlov, driverless cars would battle for pole position at the indecent speed of 180 mph, freed from the constraints of protecting a human behind the...

Audi tests the frontier of virtual reality technology

Marketers are eager to exploit virtual-reality technology, but there is no playbook for how to use it effectively as a marketing tool. Audi, a pioneer, is developing one as it goes.

Tesla Model S face-lift kills grille

Aware that a grille on an electric vehicle is about as useful as air conditioning in the Arctic, Tesla Motors has scrapped the blacked-out nose cone on the Model S and given the car a smooth, grille-free look.

BMW adapts to a changing view of driving with ReachNow

BMW's ReachNow will start as a classic point-to-point car-sharing service, with 370 vehicles — a mix of 3-series sedans, i3 electric cars and Mini Coopers — spread across central Seattle.