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Eric Kulisch

Washington, D.C., reporter
Phone: 202-434-8717
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Recent authored articles

Industry resigned to life without NAFTA

Automakers and suppliers are starting to envision a world without the North American Free Trade Agreement. Signs are growing that the Trump administration is determined to gut the 23-year-old deal.

Lamborghini retools for new type of customer

As Lamborghini doubles capacity at its factory in Italy to build the new Urus crossover, it also is preparing dealers for sweeping operational and infrastructure changes.

U.S. Chamber issues battle call to save NAFTA

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is sounding alarm bells about the need to preserve the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Trump pick no stranger to EPA air office

President Donald Trump's pick to head the EPA's air office, who has opposed calls to regulate carbon as a pollutant, faces a tough confirmation fight.

White House appoints economist to NHTSA deputy post

UPDATED: 10/9/17 4:14 pm ET - adds detail

Heidi King, an economist with federal government and private-sector experience, has been appointed the new deputy administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Safety groups slam Senate bill for lax oversight of self-driving cars

UPDATED: 10/3/17 8:11 pm ET - adds advocates' letter

Consumer and safety advocates are pressing Congress to scale back the number of safety exemptions for autonomous vehicles in legislation now under consideration.

'Data-driven' EPA review pits facts vs. other facts

The auto industry says it just wants a fair process that includes the most accurate, up-to-date models, data and assumptions.

Supreme Court to rehear service advisers' overtime pay dispute

The Supreme Court will hear, for the second time, oral arguments in a case about whether service advisers at car dealerships are eligible for overtime pay.

Oge urges Bill Ford to lead on emissions standards

Former EPA official Margo Oge says manufacturers "would do much better if they walk the talk that they are building cool, clean and smart cars."

Consumers Union wants mpg ratings for heavy-duty pickups

Consumers Union is pressing the government to publish and require fuel-economy estimates for heavy-duty pickups, after its tests found diesel-powered trucks underperformed gasoline ones.

NRDC calls for investments leading to 100 mpg fleet

UPDATED: 9/19/17 4:24 pm ET - adds comment, corrected

The Natural Resources Defense Council's clean-energy plan says climate-change goals can be met through energy efficiency and renewable fuels at much lower cost than predicted.

3rd-grader schools EPA

A 9-year-old Washingtonian impressed the audience at a recent U.S. EPA hearing with a heart-warming plea to keep the Obama-era standards on greenhouse gas emissions and fuel economy intact.

Feds in sync with industry on autonomous cars

Safety groups complain that pending legislation and policy guidance give the industry too much leeway, but some experts say the government approach may drive improvements faster than regulators can.

Ford self-driving test van 'talks' to pedestrians via light signals

UPDATED: 9/13/17 4:36 pm ET

Ford has designed a light signal system for autonomous vehicles that company officials say helps solve the problem of safely interacting with pedestrians, bicyclists and human drivers.

Suppliers warn EPA against regulatory rollback

While auto manufacturers have welcomed the second-chance EPA review of mpg targets under the Trump administration, suppliers of emissions-control and fuel-efficiency technology are pushing back.

Auto logistics operators brace for Hurricane Irma

Auto distributors and ports in the Southeast are scrambling to prepare for Hurricane Irma, a devastating storm that is forecast to directly hit South Florida on Sunday and move into Georgia by Monday.

CAFE standards review faces public hearing

The EPA on Wednesday will hold its first and only public hearing in its review of the Obama-era fuel-economy standards for model years 2021-25, which are getting a second look at the behest of automakers.

Gulf ports play growing role in auto trade

Automakers now realize they can save on logistics by using ocean shipping to reach customers in the lower Midwest with foreign-made vehicles, or to export vehicles built in the Southeast's assembly plants.

Texas ports reopen while railroads struggle

Cargo terminals at Port Houston, the largest import/export gateway for vehicles on the Texas Gulf coast, opened for business Friday, but railroads continued to struggle in the region.

Texas ports reopening, resume vehicle shipments

The Texas ports of Galveston and Freeport reopened Thursday and will receive their first vehicle carriers since shutting down six days ago because of Hurricane Harvey.

Storm disrupts shipping routes

Logistics providers and shippers say they don't know when freight transportation will resume until Harvey's heavy rains end and they can assess damage to operations and equipment, and determine whether road or rail routes...

China auto bid could hit a U.S. wall

If a Chinese buyer emerges for all or part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, it could face heightened scrutiny by U.S. security officials.

Auto industry braces as Texas prepares for 'catastrophic floods'

UPDATED: 8/26/17 4:15 pm ET -- adds details

The most powerful storm to hit Texas in more than 50 years killed at least one person and is threatening catastrophic flooding. Auto shippers, manufacturers and retailers all face potential disruptions.

Embracing the committed online shopper

Raymond Auto Group in northern Illinois has embraced the "shop, click and buy" approach. It took some work.

Can U.S. follow through on tough NAFTA talk?

To deliver on its promises, the Trump administration will need the cooperation of the U.S. business community and key members of Congress. Both groups sought to distance themselves from the president last week.