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Amy Wilson

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Recent authored articles

Porsche tests subscription service

An experimental subscription service in Atlanta lets customers switch among up to 22 models for $3,000 a month.

Porsche launches subscription pilot in Atlanta

UPDATED: 10/10/17 4:04 pm ET - adds link

Drivers in Atlanta can subscribe to drive a Porsche as part of a pilot program beginning in November. Porsche Passport will give members flexible access to Porsche's sports cars and other vehicles.

Mercedes GLS to get luxe upgrade

The Mercedes-Benz GLS will get lighter and more luxurious when the next-generation large SUV goes on sale in 2019.

Robo-taxis are coming – from suppliers, too

Parts-making giant Continental is readying itself for a self-driving future projected to grow explosively in the coming years.

LUXURY: Leader Mercedes slips; Lexus closes in on BMW

Helped by its best September ever, Lexus pulled closer to BMW for the No. 2 spot in the luxury sales race for 2017, while Mercedes-Benz stayed solidly on top despite a September skid in sales.

BMW goes fwd for 2-series Gran Coupe

New spy shots seem to confirm that the coming 2-series Gran Coupe will be built on a fwd platform -- the same platform that underpins the Mini lineup and the smaller 1-series sedan currently slated only for China.

BMW seeks critical mass for autonomous alliance

BMW wants one more competitor to join its partnership with Fiat Chrysler and several suppliers

Porsche, dealers to set standards for training

Project Excite is a long-term initiative to improve customers' experience and increase brand loyalty.

Panamera wagon orders please Porsche execs

The U.S. order book for the redesigned Porsche Panamera includes a strong 10 percent take rate for the Sport Turismo wagon coming early next year.

BMW to market top-tier models with new logo

As BMW rolls out new models, the company will reposition the top of its lineup with a new logo and marketing efforts.

Mercedes: U.S. will get complete EQ lineup

EVs are coming for every Mercedes segment in the U.S.

Porsche sees an electrified future

After the production version of the Mission E electric sedan arrives at the end of this decade, an electric Macan may be next.

U.S. won't get diesel version of Cayenne

In the wake of the Volkswagen diesel scandal, Porsche will not bring the diesel-powered variant of the redesigned Cayenne midsize crossover to the U.S.

Slaven: Social marketing is people-intensive

Mercedes-Benz USA's Drew Slaven talks about the brand's shift of resources to social media.

Big goals and bigger grille for BMW X7​

After letting Mercedes dominate the large SUV segment for more than a decade, BMW aims to overtake its rival with the upcoming X7 and its dramatic front end.

Road rallies rev up dealership’s results

The free Saturday drives at Porsche Plano are so popular that all 50 spots fill up within minutes.

Mercedes spreads its wings at Falcons' new home

The stadium sponsorship will put the Mercedes brand in front of millions of football, soccer and music fans. Those fans include many younger consumers who may not realize the breadth of the brand's expanding lineup.

Smart leaves door open for dealers to return

Smart is discontinuing its gasoline-powered models and losing two-thirds of its U.S. dealers, but the brand's CEO believes sales won't fall very much.

With X7, BMW ditches the 'very humble' face

The massive grille on BMW's X7 concept is meant to draw attention for a brand late to the market for big SUVs.

M-B: No V-6 for S-class two-doors

Mercedes is giving the S-class coupe and convertible most of the changes the re-engineered sedan gets this fall, save for a V-6.

Mercedes-Benz Canada confirms no V-6 for S-class two-doors

Mercedes is giving the S-class coupe and convertible most of the changes the re-engineered sedan gets this fall, save for a V-6.

BMW plans big plug-in hybrid

BMW's long-awaited X7 is a plug-in hybrid in its concept form.

Mercedes dealers boost local ad spending

Company executives thought stores would ease up on local ads after they stopped asking for documentation, but the opposite happened instead.

Certification delays tie up Porsches

Porsche's 2018 models sat at U.S. ports during lengthy delays, but they're starting to flow to dealerships now.

BMW's X7 shows up in plug-in concept form

UPDATED: 9/8/17 6:22 am ET - adds link to release

The long-awaited BMW X7 shows up in concept form with a plug-in powertrain and a massive kidney grille.