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Amy Wilson

BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche reporter
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Recent authored articles

Mercedes preps 2 instrument panels for next G-class SUV

The redesigned Mercedes-Benz G-class SUV will be roomier and more luxurious when it goes on sale in the U.S. in late 2018.

Mini's switch to electrics hinges on 2019 launch

The Mini brand is contemplating going all electric, but a decision won't be made until early next decade.

New AMG 53 line launching in 2018

The Mercedes-AMG CLS53 will go on sale in the U.S. by the end of 2018, kicking off a new line in the AMG performance stable.

Porsche crossovers may go EV, coupe route

Porsche will make a final decision next year whether to build full battery-electric and coupe versions of its Cayenne and Macan crossovers.

BMW roasts big dealer in countersuit

Megadealer Norman Braman filed a federal lawsuit against BMW in September, arguing that changes to a bonus program illegally modified franchise agreements. Now BMW has issued a scorching response.

An 'olive branch' for BMW dealers

BMW of North America CEO Bernhard Kuhnt is working to revamp the company's culture and improve its relations with the dealership network.

Mercedes CLS to get 5th seat, V-6

As U.S. demand falls toward an all-time low, the four-door coupe is getting a redesign that pulls new technology from the S class.

Plug-in 911 is on the way — about 2023

Porsche will push for more power and battery range when it electrifies its flagship sports car early next decade.

BMW i8 line will get bigger batteries

BMW's i8 plug-in hybrid sports cars will boast a big boost in battery capacity and range when they go on sale in the spring.

With BMW reprieve, all dealers will get bonus

The brand is putting controversial changes to a dealership bonus program on hold until May 1 while it works out a solution with a select group of its retailers.

LUXURY: Mercedes closes in on another luxury sales crown

UPDATED: 12/4/17 11:28 am ET - adds Infiniti

With one month to go in 2017, Mercedes-Benz appears to have back-to-back U.S. luxury sales crowns all but wrapped up with a 30,611-vehicle lead over second-place BMW.

Porsche likely to add 911 plug-in hybrid variant, CEO says

The Porsche 911 will likely get a plug-in hybrid variant mid-way through its next generation, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume says.

BMW says roadster will be top-selling i8

BMW expects its new i8 roadster to dominate the sales mix in the i8 plug-in hybrid family when it goes on sale in the spring.

Fading CLS gets fifth seat, new 6-cylinder

Mercedes-Benz hopes to reverse a significant U.S. sales decline for the car when the third generation arrives next fall.

Mercedes to open Atlanta HQ in March

By next fall, about 1,000 employees of the brand's U.S. distribution arm should be back under one roof for the first time since July 2015,

Inside the car, fantastically futuristic visions abound

Vehicle interior design will make a giant leap in the self-driving future.

BMW Spartanburg finds its calling

BMW's Spartanburg, S.C., plant, which opened in 1994, has transformed from a small operation making only about 60,000 vehicles annually to a major exporting hub.

BMW’s X2: Conquests at the lower end?

The new X2 crossover gives BMW another tool to expand sales and conquest new buyers.

'Iron Man' vests aid BMW assembly workers

In Spartanburg, wearable robotics help workers install heat shields and more. It's part of a culture of innovation at the plant.

Race adds a level of difficulty in workplace

For women of color in the auto industry, race adds another element to the challenges they face. Minorities pay an "emotional tax" in the workplace, and the wage gap is wider.

'Macho' sales culture hurts dealerships

Dealership turnover is a big staffing problem -- 96 percent of female salespeople leave. Addressing sexism in the workplace could help, experts say.

Porsche tests subscription service

An experimental subscription service in Atlanta lets customers switch among up to 22 models for $3,000 a month.

Porsche launches subscription pilot in Atlanta

UPDATED: 10/10/17 4:04 pm ET - adds link

Drivers in Atlanta can subscribe to drive a Porsche as part of a pilot program beginning in November. Porsche Passport will give members flexible access to Porsche's sports cars and other vehicles.

Mercedes GLS to get luxe upgrade

The Mercedes-Benz GLS will get lighter and more luxurious when the next-generation large SUV goes on sale in 2019.

Robo-taxis are coming – from suppliers, too

Parts-making giant Continental is readying itself for a self-driving future projected to grow explosively in the coming years.