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Core buyers are aging, so Lexus courts youth with new, bolder products
12:01 am U.S. ET | July 12
Despite handicaps and setbacks, Lexus appears to be swinging into recovery mode with growing sales and younger buyers, thanks to a slew of new, bolder products. ...

Top Toyota designer heads to Yamaha
12:14 pm U.S. ET | July 11 | UPDATED: 7/12/14 11:19 am ET
Akihiro “Dezi” Nagaya, a key designer who brought more emboldened, emotional styling to Toyota and Lexus vehicles, has been named design general manager for a ...

How Calif. store battles service drive bottlenecks
12:01 am U.S. ET | July 7
Bottlenecks in the service drive are the bugbear of every car dealership. But Loren Campbell, general manager of Redlands Auto Plaza 60 miles east of downtown Los Angeles ...

Can Lexus NX hit segment's sweet spot?
11:00 pm U.S. ET | July 6
With scads of Lexus RX imitators clogging America's roads, Lexus is trying the same play in the compact luxury crossover segment with the NX 200t and NX 300h. ...

NX chief on re-engineering the RAV4 for luxury
11:00 pm U.S. ET | July 6
Lexus NX Chief Engineer Takeaki Kato oversaw development of the second-generation Lexus IS sedan and the current RX crossover. ...

2-year leases take off at Toyota
12:01 am U.S. ET | June 30
Toyota is seeing a strong shift into two-year leases this year, a trend that promises quicker customer turnarounds and fuller used-car inventories down the road. ...

Acura sponsoring Tiger Woods Foundation
1:54 pm U.S. ET | June 18 | UPDATED: 6/19/14 11:12 pm ET - adds detail on terms
American Honda's Acura division has signed a three-year agreement to support the Tiger Woods Foundation and three related golf tournaments associated with the star golfer ...

Honda cranks up music-based marketing
12:01 am U.S. ET | June 16
The Honda Stage initiative it announced last week will channel a "significant" chunk of the automaker's marketing dollars away from TV and into an array of music-related ...

Tesla bets its patents on a vision of a battery-powered future
12:01 am U.S. ET | June 14
Tesla Motors says its decision to make hundreds of its electric-vehicle patents openly available to competitors will help accelerate the fight against climate change. ...

Musk says Tesla's patents are open to all automakers
1:13 pm U.S. ET | June 12 | UPDATED: 6/12/14 3:21 pm ET -- adds details
Tesla Motors will relinquish its legal right to defend its electric vehicle patents “against anyone who, in good faith, wants to use our technology," CEO Elon Musk ...

Have hybrid cars hit their peak?
12:01 am U.S. ET | June 9
American consumers appear to have become inured to the fuel price spikes and sales of the Toyota Prius and other hybrids may be flattening. ...

States vow to juice ZEV demand
12:01 am U.S. ET | June 2
Eight states, in a coalition including California and New York, have signaled that they're willing to meet automakers part way in an effort to put 3.3 million zero-emissi ...

When a deal collapses, the sales reward remains
12:01 am U.S. ET | June 2
Operating in a lower-middle-class area, with about 20 percent of deals falling through at the finance desk, dealer Carlos Uruchurtu struggled to keep salespeople from jum ...

Motor Trend, Automobile magazines reshaped in consolidation
6:40 pm U.S. ET | May 29 | UPDATED: 5/30/14 7:55 am ET - adds CEO comments, details
Source Interlink, the publisher of magazines including Motor Trend, Hot Rod and Super Street, is restructuring its automotive titles under a new branding group called The ...

8 states push to get 3.3 million ZEVs on road by 2025
8:06 am U.S. ET | May 29 | UPDATED: 5/29/14 3:59 pm ET - new story, more details
Eight states, including California and New York, announced today major incentives to place a cumulative 3.3 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025. ...

Tesla bonds get 'junk' rating from S&P
May 29, 2014 06:01 CET
Tesla's bonds were assigned a B- rating, or “junk” status from bond raters at Standard & Poor's. Companies are given junk-bond ratings when Wall Street determ ...

Tesla bonds assigned 'junk' status by S&P
5:06 pm U.S. ET | May 27 | UPDATED: 5/28/14 12:30 am ET - correction
Tesla received a far less rousing recommendation from bond raters at Standard & Poor's Corp. -- which assigned the electric-vehicle maker a B- rating, or “junk̶ ...

A slow ramp-up for Honda Fit
12:01 am U.S. ET | May 26
The launch of the redesigned 2015 Honda Fit subcompact -- built in Honda's new $800 million factory in Celaya, Mexico -- is in the midst of a nearly two-month delay becau ...

Honda revamps ordering system to give dealers cars they want
12:01 am U.S. ET | May 26
Honda aims to bridge the gap between what dealers want and what the factory can build when it launches a new ordering system this week. ...

What Toyota learned from its recall crisis
12:01 am U.S. ET | May 25 | UPDATED: 5/26/14 9:50 am ET - clarification
Four years ago, Toyota was fighting the same kind of safety battle General Motors is waging today. Toyota boss Jim Lentz reflected on the lessons his company learned. Som ...

Toyota moving away from EVs in favor of hydrogen fuel cells
2:47 pm U.S. ET | May 20 | UPDATED: 5/20/14 6:28 pm ET -- corrected
Toyota is walking away from building longer-range battery-electric vehicles in favor of its effort in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, its top North American executive said. ...

Marketers: Auto purchase funnel is dead
12:01 am U.S. ET | May 19
At the Automotive News Marketing Seminar here last week, four top marketers pronounced the end of the purchase funnel because people aren't shopping for cars the way they ...

Is the purchase funnel dead?
11:19 am U.S. ET | May 14
The automotive purchase funnel has been written in stone for decades. While more data than ever are available on consumer habits, those habits are becoming less predictab ...

To TDI or not TDI?
10:26 am U.S. ET | May 14
For the better part of a decade, automotive journalists have been chastising the American public for not making the smart decision and embracing diesel power. ...

From Muppets to pickups, Toyota ads forge emotional ties
12:01 am U.S. ET | May 12
A little less than two years ago, Jack Hollis jumped from leading Toyota's Scion youth brand to overseeing Toyota Division's marketing. The energetic vice president quick ...

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Fewer bosses, Disney savvy, $2 idea lift stores

Fewer bosses, Disney savvy, $2 idea lift stores

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